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Duck’s Unlimited Grand Vitara – Built by Calmini

CALMINI’s Duck Stalker. -Eric Bewley

BAKERSFIELD, CA —The special projects staff at CALMINI manufacturing have done it again with the debut of their camouflaged Grand Vitara code named the ‘Duck Stalker.’ This vehicle might have been called the ‘eight day wonder’ for that is the amount of time the CALMINI staff had to get this Grand Vitara ready for Suzuki to show off at the Duck’s Unlimited event held in Memphis Tennessee. We’ll take you through some of the steps they took and show you some of the new pieces that were built exclusively for this Grand Vitara that we’re certain will find their way into CALMINI’s product line soon.

duckstalker_01_covernocopy_large.jpg (58732 bytes)

When the car arrived, it was apparent the several modifications needed to take place other than just adding some of the custom goodies that they had cooked up. Some of the other tricks they performed were custom painting of the trim pieces and color matching the 16 inch aluminum wheels to the camouflaged scheme. duckstalker_07_frontontherack_small.jpg (9723 bytes)

duckstalker_06_rearontherack_small.jpg (10097 bytes)

duckstalker_02_rearbumper_small.jpg (8764 bytes)

duckstalker_03_brushguard_small.jpg (8705 bytes)

duckstalker_05_rockerskid_small.jpg (9675 bytes)

duckstalker_04_roofrack_small.jpg (8492 bytes)

This rear bumper is great for those who don’t want to remove the sleek style stock bumper but want a little extra protection from the elements. Here we see a wrap around custom brush guard with a set of PIAA lights mounted. For those rocky trails, a pair of guards add protection to keep the body of your off-road vehicle looking nice. The CALMINI roof rack adds cargo carrying versatility to this Grand Vitara.

If you were at the Ducks Unlimited Great Outdoors Festival in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, August 18-20, we hope you had a chance to stop by and take a peek at this ‘window to the future’ of products and possibilities for the Suzuki Grand Vitara. If not, be sure to tune into Suzuki Great Outdoors on ESPN this fall where this vehicle will be shown in it’s element.


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