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Another One Over – Continuing the Adventure

Another One Over – Continuing the Adventure

Upcoming Event! You too can be on an expedition to the most remote place in America

Bend, OR – We are in the planning stages of a Suzuki only 4×4 overland adventure and would like to invite all Suzuki enthusiasts to join in. We are currently targeting either dates in late May / June. Due to the nature of this area a late summer activity would not be advisable.  UPDATE: We have selected the weekend of June 25th continuing onto June 28th. Background: Over the years, we have went on adventures where the itinerary and the goal was not all too structured and not the point. We’ve been fortunate and have found some amazing things out there. Awhile back we stumbled on the idea to hit the border convergence of three states. The first one we did was the California, Nevada and Oregon Borders.. That trip was such a fun success we carried on with creating another event following the same Latitude and culminating at the Idaho, Nevada, Oregon border. This trip… is the next one over….






Over the course of 5 days, we’d start at the town of Vale, Oregon and head South and East, finding sites, having hikes, along the way, until we get to the convergence of the Idaho, Nevada, and Utah border.  WHAT’S NEXT? A sturdy vehicle and good adventuresome spirit is needed. Are you interested? If so, pop into our Forum and join in on the discussion. Also, please share with other Suzuki forums, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, groups you may be a part of. The more Suzuki enthusiasts; the better! Share this link: http://www2.zukiworld.com/another-one-over-continuing-the-adventure/  forum link: http://www.zukiworld.com/forum/zukiworld-zukfari/zukiworld-zukfari-another-one-over-adventure-2016-call-to-action!/

Background and samples of what we may see along the route:




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