In-house Project Vehicles

Trail Tough Rock Block:  Dual cases for a Samurai

TRAIL TOUGH ROCK BLOCK: DUAL CASES FOR A SAMURAI Editor: Matt Verley Astoria, OR – Which gears should I put in my transfer case? I wish there was an answer to that question!  I’ve owned over a dozen Samurais in the last 20 years, and had every available transfer case gearset in my transfer cases.  The Samurai tcase is a bit …

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Custom Front Bumper for a Sidekick Sport

Custom Front Bumper for a Sidekick Sport Story & Photos by: M. Verley SEASIDE, OR – One of the great things about the 1996-1998 Sidekick Sport is its wide stance from the factory.  The frame rails are spaced a few inches further apart to accommodate a different engine.  Unfortunately, this spacing causes some problems in the aftermarket.  Since Sidekick bumpers bolt to …

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Adding some more “sport” to a Suzuki Sidekick Sport

How To: Installing a 2.3 Aerio Engine Into A Sidekick Sport By: Matt Verley, Photography: Matt Verley Seaside, OR – Over the last 20 years, I have owned at least a dozen Samurais, several Sidekicks and Trackers, and a couple of Vitara and Grand Vitara.  About 3 years ago, I stumbled across a 1996 Sidekick Sport with a blown engine in my …

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Upgrades, Repairs, and Rebuilds for the Suzuki Sidekick

Upgrades, Repairs, and Rebuilds for the Suzuki Sidekick Editor: Andy Lilienthal – subcompactculture.com Portland, OR – There’s been a lot going on with the Teal Terror (aka project Suzuki Sidekick) lately, which is part of the reason I haven’t been posting as much I as have previously. There have been some upgrades, some repairs, and even some rebuilds. Why? In preparation for …

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Does Your Car Have a Nickname?

Way Of Life: Does Your Car Have a Nickname? Editor: Andy Lilienthal – subcompactculture.com Portland, OR – Ever since cars have existed, people have been giving them nicknames. I tend to think cars’ nicknames will manifest themselves at some point due to some traits or characteristics. Forum Discussion here: ZUKIWORLD Forum    Project 1995 Suzuki Sidekick, better known by its nickname, The Teal …

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Project “PLUS ONE” Live Updates

PROJECT: Plus One – Blog Updates LIVE AS THEY HAPPEN! Editor/Photo: E. Bewley Wow, there was a realization, read: panic, that we’ve got so much to get done before the Fall Classic… So, we decided to go for some low hanging fruit and get quick success by installing the used bumpers. Rear is on. Front bumper mounts are in process. Next …

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Project “Plus One” Building a 4-door Sidekick with Family in mind.

Suzuki Sidekick Solid Axle Swap with 35″ tires and more! Part one… Editor: E. Bewley Salem, OR – The time came when our family had grown to the size that our Samurai and even our 2-door Sidekick just didn’t have enough room for long trips. Adding a child’s safety seat and the associated gear that a kid needs to be …

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Big Dreams; No Money – Suzuki Sidekick Rock Crawler Build Project

Big Dreams; No Money – Suzuki Sidekick Rock Crawler Build Project Editor: E. Bewley Story/Photo M. Hagen Minneapolis, MN –  Building a rig for maximum performance on a budget means that it will require a lot of time and you will need to get creative with as many stock components as possible. Keeping it lightweight helps keep the stock components …

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ZUKIWORLD Project: Kicker XL – Solid Axle Swap for our Suzuki Sidekick

PROJECT KICKER XL CALMINI Products Solid Axle Swap putting Super Ahead of Dooper. Story/Editor: Eric Bewley Photo: Eric Bewley, Dave Arnold, Sky Brown ALBANY, OR. —Project Kicker XL has received a huge boost from our friends at Calmini Products. We have installed their new Solid Axle Swap kit for Sidekick on our project vehicle and have been fortunate enough to …

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