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Trail Tough Rock Block:  Dual cases for a Samurai

TRAIL TOUGH ROCK BLOCK: DUAL CASES FOR A SAMURAI Editor: Matt Verley Astoria, OR – Which gears should I put in my transfer case? I wish there was an answer to that question!  I’ve owned over a dozen Samurais in the last 20 years, and had every available transfer case gearset in my transfer cases.  The Samurai tcase is a bit …

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ZUKIWORLD Reviews: Cascadia Vehicle Tents Mt. Bailey Roof Top Tent

Review: Cascadia Vehicle Tents Mt. Bailey Roof Top Tent Editor: Andy Lilienthal – subcompactculture.com Portland, OR – What a better time to post up a tent review than right before Labor day. Needless to say, our days of camping on the ground are going to be brought to a minimum now that we have a Cascadia Vehicle Tents (CVT) roof top tent. …

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ZUKIWORLD Reviews: Shrockworks Suzuki Samurai Gast Tank Skid Plate

SHROCKWORKS Upgrading Undercarriage Protection With A Gas Tank Skid Plate. Editor/Photo: Eric Bewley ALBANY, OR – It can happen to anyone. You go out for a hard day’s wheeling and bruise your underside on several big rocks and the very next time you go to fill up your tank, it now magically only holds seven gallons instead of ten. This …

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ZUKIWORLD Reviews: Calmini Roof Rack for Suzuki Sidekick / Geo Tracker

Roof Rack by CALMINI ZUKIWORLD Installs CALMINI’s Roof Rack For Sidekick. Editor: Eric Bewley Story/Photo: Jason Hutchison CORVALLIS, OR -The only thing that can compare to receiving gifts on Christmas Morning is coming home to big boxes full of CALMINI off-road product leaning against your garage doors. It seems almost as if time stops and all the things in life …

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ZUKIWORLD Reviews: Rocky Road Outfitters Suzuki Sidekick 2wd Low Kit

Rocky Road Outfitters Sidekick 2wd Low kit We install and test their new kit for the Sidekick. Editor: Eric Bewley Photo/Story: Mike Hagen COTTAGE GROVE, MN -Mike Hagen installed and tested Rocky Road Outfitter’s new 2WD low Conversion Kit for the Sidekick. Results were overwhelmingly positive. This new kit really adds another dimension to the Sidekick’s wheeling ability. After I …

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ZUKIWORLD Reviews: ShrockWorks Suzuki Sidekick / Geo Tracker Winch Bumper

Shrockworks SIDEKICK WINCH BUMPER Shrockworks Makes a Fine Piece of Armor For Your Sidekick Editor: Eric Bewley Story/Photo: Jason Hutchison San Diego, CA – With the growing popularity and good trail prowess of the Suzuki Sidekick and GEO Tracker, aftermarket vendors are recognizing that these little “tucklets” have serious potential as hearty offroad adventure vehicles. Shrockworks has answered the call …

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ZUKIWORLD Reviews: Calmini Anvil IFS Steel Housing for Suzuki Sidekick / Geo Tracker

Strengthening The Sidekick Using Calmini’s Anvil And Factory Suzuki Parts. Editor: Eric Bewley Story/Photo: Bryan Zeigler BRENTWOOD, TN -Most people that have built their Sidekick for off-road use have encountered problems with the strength (or lack of) with the front driveline.  Once you have added oversize tires, lockers and lower gears, the half shafts are usually the first to break. …

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