Sunday , 21 December 2014
  • Team Invincible racing the ZWO car in Redmond, OR

    Team Invincible racing the ZWO car in Redmond, OR

    Excellent day or racing at Redmond’s short course. David and Greg performed admirably and I know I had a good day watching. ...

  • Project “PLUS ONE” Live Updates

    Project “PLUS ONE” Live Updates

    PROJECT: Plus One – Blog Updates LIVE AS THEY HAPPEN! Editor/Photo: E. Bewley Wow, there was a realization, read: panic, that we’ve got so much to get done before the Fall Classic… So, we decided to go for some low hanging fruit and get quick success by installing the used bumpers....

  • Project “Plus One” Building a 4-door Sidekick with Family in mind.

    Project “Plus One” Building a 4-door Sidekick with Family in mind.

    Suzuki Sidekick Solid Axle Swap with 35″ tires and more! Part one… Editor: E. Bewley Salem, OR – The time came when our family had grown to the size that our Samurai and even our 2-door Sidekick just didn’t have enough room for long trips. Adding a child’s safety seat a...

2013 Season Team Standings

ZUKIWORLD Challenge - Suzuki Spec Desert Racing, Affordable racing for the Suzuki enthusiast. 

ZUKIWORLD Challenge - Affordable Desert Racing.

The 2013 Season is in the books. Congratulations to David Cappell and The Zukiworld Order racing team for winning the overall points championship. 2014 Racing Season Suspended - Click here for more If you're interested in racing with us for the 2015 Season, please contact us ASAP.

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