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BUDGET LIFT – Lifting a Sidekick Using Grand Vitara Coils



Lifting a Sidekick Using Grand Vitara Coils

Editor: Eric Bewley Story/Photo: Jeff Johnson, Tim Walters

NICHOLSON, PA -Difficult times have left me without my trusted Samurai and in need of a capable vehicle able to pre-run and be a part of GONZOOKIN and event that I have been extensively involved with since it’s inception in 2000. This event has grown so much and has become a significant and enjoyable part of my life. Now that I didn’t have a zook capable of running trails any harder than a dirt road, how would I be able to work the event in a stocker? This question lead me to ask my friends for a little assistance.

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A good friend of mine and co-founder and coordinator of GONZOOKIN called me up and had a great idea.  Tim Walters, AKA Yankee Tim, had been doing some research and believed that using stock Grand Vitara springs on a Sidekick might lift it similar to the Old Man Emu springs. So after a few conversations and a quick drive up to Tim’s house, we installed the springs. To say the least, the results were amazing. Using the Grand Vitara springs yielded a two inch lift measured and compared at the frame height.   An interesting side note we discovered is that the stock struts and shocks on the GV were identical so they would not help travel any.  

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For the rear, we used the rear springs on a 92-02 Ford Econoline E150 van. These springs are 2 inches longer and have an additional 1.5 “ of travel.  The mounting of the springs from the sidekick and ford shocks and they are identical.  To gain extra front travel, we flipped the strut blate to add an additional inch of length.

The springs did cause the caster to be out so an alignment has been scheduled done to fix this. 

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  1. How is the ride with this modification?

  2. For the How to Sidekick budget lift article. Ford E vans all have leaf springs in the rear suspensions. Does the writer mean front coil springs from the E150?

    • No i believe he meant rear Shock absorbers from the E-150 Vans… as you need a 2″ longer shock, you can also use a 2×2 square tube to extend the stock shock

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