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Aftermarket parts and accessories for your Suzuki.

Aftermarket parts and accessories for your Suzuki.

ZUKIWORLD’s Project “Tricker-Kicker”-Junior

Here we are, just 8 weeks to go before Easter Jeep Safari in Moab Utah and we’re just now beginning the project. After last year getting to test Calmini’s project ‘SideTracked’ we just had to have one of our own. Once we’d located a uniquely colored 1989 with low miles it was time to begin shopping. Naturally we started with Calmini Products where we acquired the bulk of our goods, then it was off to Warn Industries, and finishing up at the tire and wheel store. Our objective was to create a stylish but capable crawler allowing us to drive it on the highway if needed. This objective set a base line of criteria like gearing, tire size, and lift.

tickkick_stockrightfront_01_large.jpg (83552 bytes)

We began by selecting Calmini’s new six-inch combo lift kit. With three inches of body lift and three inches of suspension we’d be able to clear a max tire diameter of 32 inches. While in Moab last year we ramped project ‘SideTracked’ collecting a near 1000 RTI. Not bad considering the limitations of the independent front-end. On the trail we proved time and time again this little box of joy was as capable as any jeep on the trail. Calmini’s been building quality suspension components for nearly 15 years, and with the complexity of this suspension we know we’ve made the right choice.

tickkick_wheelsboltedon_01_small.jpg (11141 bytes)

Here is the project with only the body lift and the tires.

Having run many different tire types we felt the 32×9.50 Super Swamper bias plys were our best choice. We then selected a custom offset wheel with bead locks so we could safely drop to necessary pressure when needed. Although one might be tempted to go with 10.50’s or wider, but this will minimize wheel travel considering the body would rub on the tire.

Our running gear would also come from Calmini. In the lift kit we received the necessary driveline spacers so no costly shafts would need to be manufactured. As for lockers, we elected to go with the reliable LockRite by PowerTrax for the rear and the limited slip provided by Calmini. We also opted for the Warn replacement hubs. Warn’s quality and durability reaches far beyond their winches, so an ounce of prevention…

No off-road vehicle is complete without body armor and running gear protection. Here we again selected Calmini. During last years test we absolutely abused the undercarriage, rocker guards, and front and rear bumpers. Each did exactly what Calmini built them to do, and that was to protect as well as last.

Here are the body mounting points for the project. (top is the front and bottom is the rear)->

tickkick_bodymount_02_small.jpg (7025 bytes)

tickkick_bodymount_01_small.jpg (7041 bytes)

tickkick_strippedinterior_01_small.jpg (10367 bytes)

tickkick_windowcalmini_01_small.jpg (10390 bytes)

Lastly, we wouldn’t dare think of not outfitting this rig with a recovery tool for those times when things get just a little out of hand. Mostly for pulling Jeeps out of the way right?

<-The interior has been stripped, detailed, and reassembled.

All and all we feel we’ve found the best package possible for another wonderful Suzuki product, in the Sidekick. So follow along as we update this project monthly with technos, trail reports, and out right test results our way, on the trail.

tickkick_lifted_01_large.jpg (78980 bytes)

 Almost done… Stay tuned…


suzuki_underline_650.GIF (1221 bytes)

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