Adventure and Exploration

Central Oregon Adventure – ‘The Fall Classic’

   PHOTO: D. Arnold, M. Verley E. Bewley    VIDEO: M. Verley    STORY/EDITOR: E. Bewley Bend, OR – It’s been 15 years now that we’ve been trekking to the central Oregon desert in mid-November to adventure, explore, and hang-out. Every year gives us a new opportunity to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company as we find new and exciting …

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One Lap Around the United States

ONE LAP AROUND THE UNITED STATES Author: Jeff Simons, Editor: E. Bewley Sioux City, IA – As summer winds down it is now time for my last road trip. Each year I try to do something big, a National Park or to Historic location of some sort. Last summer I had driven Route 66 and its entirety from Chicago to …

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ZUKIWORLD Online is on the trail!

EPIC OVERLAND ADVENTURE – IDAHO, UTAH, AND WYOMING Editor: Eric Bewley, Photo: Matt Verley, Sara Bewley, Eric Bewley BEAR LAKE, ID – Over the course of several years we have been embarking on adventures where the quote unquote goal was to find the border convergence of three adjoining States. Emphasizing that this is really not the goal but a convenient …

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Tracking Route 66 – On Road Can Be Fun Too

TRACKING ROUTE 66 – ON ROAD CAN BE FUN TOO Story/Photo: Jeff Simons, Editor: E. Bewley The Mother Road, USA – My vacation was coming up and we’re taking the “new” Tracker. Check the build of the Tracker here. This was a going to be a cross country adventure with the plan of driving Route 66 in its entirety. I’ve seen sections and …

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HIGH DESERT OVERLANDING – FALL CLASSIC 2016 Editor: E. Bewley Photos: M. Verley, J. Alonzo Bend, OR – A great long-weekend was had by all that attended this year’s Fall Classic. This year’s diverse group of trail riders and overlanders was rewarded with a broad cross section of what central Oregon has to offer. Driving took a back seat this year …

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BUILDING A ‘NEW’ CHEVY TRACKER – FOR A ROAD TRIP Author/Photos: Jeff Simons Editor: E. Bewley Sioux City, IA – I must confess, I’m a Suzuki nut and have been driving Suzuki vehicles for nearly 15 years. When I find one for sale, it’s tough for me to pass on it; especially if it’s affordable. The following story is an example of this scenario. One day …

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Sand Lake Super Storm Adventure

SAND LAKE – SUPER STORM ADVENTURE Editor: E. Bewley, Author/Photos: D. Cappell Portland, OR – With the coming winter comes the promise of large storms crashing upon the coast. Sometimes it is good sport to go check them out and see just how nasty it really is. This weekend was played up as a large ‘typhoon type’ with high winds, buckets …

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Yet Another One Over – High Desert Adventure in Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Oregon

High Desert Adventure in Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Oregon: Editor: E. Bewley, Pic & Video M. Verley VALE, OR – The genesis for this adventure event really happened by chance during a routine campfire brainstorming session. During that meeting of the minds, we were thinking of a good reason to explore around the area near Lakeview Oregon as we had fallen …

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The Journey: Overland EXPO 2016

  The Journey: Overland EXPO 2016 Editor: Eric Bewley FLAGSTAFF, AZ – For years we’ve been wanting to attend one of the largest overlanding events in North America. We were fortunate enough to be able to attend this year’s event held at Mormon Lake, Arizona. Arriving mid-event and were received by an extremely helpful and courteous staff. The vendors were really relaxed and we were …

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Around the West in 95 Horsepower: Exploring Moab

Around the West in 95 Horsepower: Exploring Moab Editor: Words by Andy Lilienthal; photos by Mercedes Lilienthal. Video by Jesse Hires. Moab, UT – In part six of Around the West in 95 Horsepower, Mercedes and I had arrived in Moab and explored some of the areas around the iconic Utah town. In this segment, we’ll run one of the 4×4 trails.    Today …

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