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One Lap Around the United States


Author: Jeff Simons, Editor: E. Bewley

Sioux City, IA – As summer winds down it is now time for my last road trip. Each year I try to do something big, a National Park or to Historic location of some sort. Last summer I had driven Route 66 and its entirety from Chicago to LA. This has given me the driving bug and the need to see even more in one trip. So a plan was hatched to see All 48 States in One Lap around the United States. With this idea, I start doing a little online research on interesting places to see as a conscious decision was made to make sure and “clip” all 48 states in some way.


Not wanting to start driving on a specific Coast, I needed to make every mile count. Luckily, and this gave me a great idea, I had found a couple of suggested maps from my research that passed through my hometown making my starting and ending point the same. Next step, I drafted up the route and keeping in mind that if I drove close to something of importance or fun I noted them accordingly and they were only options time permitting. This was about driving all 48 not play time.

Prepared with my notes, a couple of printed Maps, GPS, and a freshly serviced Tracker, I set out on Sunday morning and chose​ to Head East First. To me, the Eastern US is less familiar and should I need extra time, I can make it up once back in the Midwest and Western States to which I’m more experienced with.


My travels had me basically driving from Iowa to Maine, with brief detours to cross the borders of Wisconsin and then later Michigan. From Maine I basically travel the 95 Corridor to Washington DC. A quick stop in DC although night time, I still needed to have a picture of the White House. From DC I ran into the Virginia’s the Carolinas towards Atlanta, then Mobile Alabama. From there Joplin Missouri, Tulsa Oklahoma, Four Corners, and through Moab Utah. Through Salt Lake City, Winnemucca Nevada, up to Adel Oregon, put me in the Pacific Northwest. I chose to go to Spokane Washington then take I-90 all the way across Montana. Finishing with North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, then across to Minnesota, Nebraska, back home in Iowa.


The entire trip was without a flaw, until the typical male in me decided to push the limits of the tank of fuel. The result was coming up about 14 miles short of my fuel stop in Miles City Montana. This was fixed with a little roadside begging and a RV with a full gas can. Once home and accounted for, I added up the results… I had passed through all 48 United States, which totaled just short of 8,000 miles, in just eight and a half days.

It was quite the trip! I don’t think this is for everyone, however I would strongly suggest visiting the United States in various regions as your vacations​ allow.

This has only just begun, the travels and locations​ I plan to see in the Tracker! It has been an Excellent Vehicle! From last year’s Route 66 trip to the completion of this trip, I have put about 25,000 miles on it, in a year.

Take a Ride. Check online for local suggestions. Drive instead of flying. Go see a National Park. Take a vacation for you and your family. Get Away from the hustle and bustle. You’re really not too far from something you’ve have been wanting to do.



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