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Suzuki Representing at the Northwests Largest MudFest


MUDFEST – Suzuki Represented at the Regions Largest Mud Event

Editor: Eric Bewley Photo:G. Mikkelson

Sweet Home, OR – We have seen this event change venue at least three times and it still remains a strong draw for the areas’ mud freeks. For us, it had been several years since we attended one of the “Mudfests” as they have become to be known. There was a lot of fun action to be seen and a surprising amount of Suzuki 4×4′s there. From stock to highly modified, Samurai and Sidekick was represented well. Our favorite was the ‘sleeper’ Samurai complete with dealer add-on brush guard and teenie tiny winch being piloted by a group of girls intent on mud draggin’ jeeps. That’s the spirit!

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