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ericbewley“ebewley” Eric L. Bewley – Publisher / Editor-in-Chief 

Early wheeling was purely utilitarian and involved full-sized vehicles like the Chevrolet Suburban for getting into the mountains for hunting. A chance purchase of a Samurai would see us knee deep in everything Suzuki. At that time, finding information on the still somewhat new internet for my new found passion was pretty difficult which drove my desire to create and build a website for Suzuki enthusiasts to gather and share information.

  “hutch”  Jason Hutchison – Advertising Sales Manager

Like many, I started with (cough) Jeeps. The conversion to Suzuki and my affiliation with Zukiworld has given me the incredible opportunity to meet other Suzuki enthusiasts who have become great friends and together we explored some incredible places with many more to come.

mattverley“mverley” Matt Verley – Technical Editor / Video How-To Guide

Always dreaming and building offroad vehicles Matt has a passion for automotive excellence and enjoys sharing what he learns with other enthusiasts.

andylilienthal“andyL” Andy Lilienthal – Lifestyle Editor / Guest Opinions

A small car enthusiast and Editor of SubCompact Culture http://www.subcompactculture.com/ Andy is no stranger to small, sporty, and agile trucks and cars.

  “mikerpm4x4” Mike Hagen – Technical Editor

From Wisconsin with over 17 years of very active wheeling experience, Mike’s first vehicle was a 72 Datsun pickup that was vastly modified to run 38-inch Gumbo mudders. Mike wheels in snow, sand, rocks, logs and the occasional mud. For this reason, he builds vehicles for all different types of wheeling. He believes that the Internet is a powerful tool and enjoys helping evolve the sport by leaps and bounds. Writing for Zukiworld lets him share ideas and which hopefully helps you with ideas on your next build.

  “zukipilot” Bryan Zeigler – Staff Writer / Forum Administrator

Introduced into the world of off road motor sports in the early 90’s.

Since 1994, Brian has built and rebuilt his Sidekick into a street friendly, street legal, trail rig. His Suzuki has taken him all over the South Eastern United States and to places as far as Utah, Wisconsin and parts beyond.









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7 hours ago
From our Forum: Re: Where can you get a replacement for the rear brake proportioning valve https://t.co/cnpidkwVbr #zukiworld #suzuki4x4
13 hours ago
From our Forum: Where can you get a replacement for the rear brake proportioning valve https://t.co/NgQBm1CeuK #zukiworld #suzuki4x4
1 day ago
From our Forum: Re: Samurai factory fender flares for sale https://t.co/ekuUQB5xVe #zukiworld #suzuki4x4
2 days ago
From our Forum: Re: Samurai factory fender flares for sale https://t.co/ZC3WeUNZnH #zukiworld #suzuki4x4


  1. looking for parts for my sidekick and some parts seem hard to find or not listed. Would like to join or follow yall. I am looking for a timing belt tensioner “SPRING”. Just the spring for a 93 sidekick. if anyone knows where I can get it or a good Suzuki website with parts.

  2. Do the sidekick and trackers still have a race series?

    • Eric Bewley

      Although there are a three teams still ready to race, we haven’t done the ‘zukiworld challenge’ racing for a few years. Would love to start it back up! Do you have a racer?

  3. Are these still racing in the desert, I can’t find a class for a sidekick.

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