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Trail Tough’s new Trail Savage Gear Set

COTTAGE GROVE, MN - We're extremely excited to tell you about Trail Tough's new offering for Suzuki Sidekick, Geo Trackers, and Grand Vitara. What is exciting is not only that Brent and his fine crew in Medford have bridged the gap between the stock gear set and the 4.24:1 low gear set that may be too low for many applications. They have solved one of the fundamental issues that has plagued Suzuki enthusiasts since we started wheeling the Grand Vitara and Xl-7 or at least, began transplanting those engines and transmissions into Samurai and Sidekicks.

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End of Summer Road Trip – North To Alaska

PRUDHOE BAY, AK – [Our writer-at-large Jeff Simons has taken another great adventure in his Suzuki and is back to tell the tale] It’s that time again. My end of Summer Road Trip. Previous travels have been Great! Scenic Route Tracker has taken me from Chicago to Los Angeles via Route 66 and I’ve seen all 48 States on One …

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YELLOWSTONE, MT – An American experience, the road trip is something that we’ve taking part in and focus upon with the utmost enthusiasm. There are so many wonderful places to see, things to experience, and friends to meet all connected by dusty roads, gravel, trails, or even the dreaded pavement. With all this just outside one’s front door, a question …

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NorthWest Overland Rally in Washington – Summer Adventure Staple

PLAIN, WA – Summer vacations are always a blast and ours was no exception. We were lucky this year and got to experience a part of the NW Overland Rally put on by Ray Hyland and his team. In the last 8 years, this rally has grown at an amazing rate from around 80 people to over 2,000 with more …

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Central Oregon Adventure – ‘The Fall Classic’

BEND, OR – It’s been 15 years now that we’ve been trekking to the central Oregon desert in mid-November to adventure, explore, and hang-out. Every year gives us a new opportunity to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company as we find new and exciting or fun to revisit points of interest in central Oregon and this year was no exception. …

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One Lap Around the United States

ONE LAP AROUND THE UNITED STATES Author: Jeff Simons, Editor: E. Bewley Sioux City, IA – As summer winds down it is now time for my last road trip. Each year I try to do something big, a National Park or to Historic location of some sort. Last summer I had driven Route 66 and its entirety from Chicago to …

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ZUKIWORLD Online is on the trail!

EPIC OVERLAND ADVENTURE – IDAHO, UTAH, AND WYOMING Editor: Eric Bewley, Photo: Matt Verley, Sara Bewley, Eric Bewley BEAR LAKE, ID – Over the course of several years we have been embarking on adventures where the quote unquote goal was to find the border convergence of three adjoining States. Emphasizing that this is really not the goal but a convenient …

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Trail Tough Rock Block:  Dual cases for a Samurai

TRAIL TOUGH ROCK BLOCK: DUAL CASES FOR A SAMURAI Editor: Matt Verley Astoria, OR – Which gears should I put in my transfer case? I wish there was an answer to that question!  I’ve owned over a dozen Samurais in the last 20 years, and had every available transfer case gearset in my transfer cases.  The Samurai tcase is a bit …

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Suzuki Unveils the All-new Swift at the Geneva International Motor Show

Suzuki Unveils the All-new Swift at the Geneva International Motor Show Press Release – Globalsuzuki.com Geneva, CH – At the 87th Geneva International Motor Show today, Suzuki Motor Corporation has revealed the all-new Swift for the European market. Sales are set to start in April 2017.       The Swift is Suzuki’s flagship compact car sold more than 5.4 million …

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Tracking Route 66 – On Road Can Be Fun Too

TRACKING ROUTE 66 – ON ROAD CAN BE FUN TOO Story/Photo: Jeff Simons, Editor: E. Bewley The Mother Road, USA – My vacation was coming up and we’re taking the “new” Tracker. Check the build of the Tracker here. This was a going to be a cross country adventure with the plan of driving Route 66 in its entirety. I’ve seen sections and …

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