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ZUKIWORLD Reviews: Aftermarket Header for Suzuki Samurai and Suzuki Sidekick / Geo Tracker


Hawk’s New Hi Performance Headers.

Editor/Photo: Eric Bewley

ALBANY, OR -In the displacement challenged world of Suzuki automobiles it is important to get every inch of performance you can out of each and every one of the cubic centimeters available. Rick Hawkins at Hawk Strictly Suzuki has developed a new line of headers for Suzuki engines such as the 1.3, 1.6 8-valve, 1.6 16-valve, and 1000 cc engines that power our SJ, Samurai, and Sidekick.

These new headers have ceramic coatings which are the most advanced available. It is a very durable ceramic reinforced coating, available in a variety of colors, that is the most effective thermal barrier coating available, increasing performance, while extending component life and has been tested to over 2,000 ºF without lifting, cracking, or flaking. The steel flange is extremely thick and machined to a flat mating surface, header tubes are 14 Ga. thick, and the crowning jewel of this design, a ball swivel flange which requires no gasket.

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Overall impression of this header were really good. Installation was smooth and even my old tired 1.6 converted the extra breathing to power allowing me to use 5th gear again. Something long since forgotten. Rick has several different packages available for your Sidekick or Samurai including complete 2″ exhaust systems.

1. Disconnect battery, secure vehicle.

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2. Remove stock heat shield. click to enlarge 3. Remove intake brace. click to enlarge 4. Remove manifold bolts and nuts. click to enlarge 5. Cut exhaust at the 2 to 1 flange. click to enlarge 6. Remove manifold from vehicle and extract O2 sensor. click to enlarge 7. Lengthen the O2 Sensor wire. Use quality shielded wire. click to enlarge 8. Install header, carefully torque bolts to proper spec. Weld exhaust tube to the ball swivel flange nipple or insert ear plugs and drive to the local exhaust shop for a quick weld. (ZUKIWORLD not responsible for noise tickets incurred.) click to enlarge 9. After a few hundred miles, recheck bolts for tightness. click to enlarge

Hawk Strictly Suzuki has been busy expanding their exhaust products. Currently they have available: 1.3 & 1.6 8-valve header in Chroma Coat $319.95, Cast Iron Coat $289.95, and an uncoated Industrial Chrome $219.95. 1.6 16 valve header in Cast Iron Coat $289.95. Complete 2″ exhaust systems starting at 199.95 w/o cat. Performance catylitics 99.95. Basically they have every exhaust solution for your Samurai in stock.

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