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Suzuki Motorcycle + Suzuki Car = Formula Hayabusa



Formula Hayabusa: New Suzuki Combination-Tech Racing Car


Suzuki Motorcycle + Suzuki Car = Formula Hayabusa-Eric Bewley

BREA, CA.  –The new Formula Hayabusa is an excellent example of Suzuki’s advanced automotive and motorcycle engineering, and the firm’s ability to build affordable high-performance products. It’s easy to see this sleek, winged, open-wheel racing car, designed for a new Japanese one-make competition series, has four tires and a steering wheel, but its rear-engined heart was transplanted from the most awesome street motorcycle ever built by Suzuki, the GSX1300R Hayabusa.

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The state-of-the-art Hayabusa power plant boasts a 1300cc displacement that spins up to a strong 11,000 rpm. The racing machine has 175 horsepower at 9,800 rpm, generated with the help of double overhead cams, 16 valves, an 11:1 compression ratio, liquid-cooling and electronic fuel injection. That power, having to propel just 948 pounds of racing car, is channeled through a smooth shifting six-speed sequential transmission.

Introduced in 1999, the Suzuki Hayabusa shattered superbike performance records and established itself as the quickest mass-produced street machine in history. The motorcycle was named after an indigenous Japanese falcon, capable of speeds up to 186 mph in a dive. The Suzuki proved capable of even more. Top magazines radar-gunned the Hayabusa at 194 mph, and clocked it in the 10-second range through the quarter-mile. The Suzuki’s raw power and slippery, wind-tunnel-crafted bodywork placed it on top of the motorcycle performance mountain and generated a cult following in the two-wheeled world.

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The four-wheel Formula Hayabusa mounts that monster engine in a steel space frame crafted by Suzuki Sport. Founded by one of Japan’s most heroic racing drivers, Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima, Suzuki Sport is best known for its wild Pikes Peak-winning hill climb cars. And the Formula Hayabusa shares the bold red, white and black Suzuki Sport livery made famous on the high mountains of Colorado.

Like the motorcycle, the Formula Hayabusa was built with aerodynamic efficiency in mind. Hidden, in-board suspension reduces drag, as does the wind-tunnel-designed body. The front and rear wings adjust to suit track conditions.

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Besides the motorcycle-sourced engine, many other Formula Hayabusa components come from the two-wheeler. The electronic engine management system, exhaust manifold, muffler, radiator, rear-view mirrors and instrument panel all come from the bike. The shock absorbers and springs were lifted from another Suzuki motorcycle, the Katana GSX750F.

Suzuki’s auto division also supplies parts for the Formula Hayabusa. The fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator and clutch master cylinder are from the Grand Vitara sport-utility vehicle. The air-cleaner element comes from the Esteem sedan.Suzuki mini vehicles sold in Japan supply the brake assemblies, knuckles, hubs, steering rod end, battery and fuel pumps.

Utilizing these sourced components helps ensure reliability and quality. And it provides the Formula Hayabusa with perhaps its most significant advantage: cost. Mass-produced pieces for regular cars and bikes are far less expensive than special, limited-production racing parts.

With the Formula Hayabusa, Suzuki continues its tradition in innovation, turning a two-wheel motorcycle into a four-wheel, high performance racing machine.


Formula Hayabusa Specifics Transmission 6 speed sequential Dimensions Overall length 159.4 in. Overall width 66.1 in. Overall height 43.3 in. Wheelbase 91.3 in. Tread (F/R) 59.1 / 56.3 in. Ground clearance 2.0 in. Weight Curb weight 948 lbs. / 430 kg. Chassis Brake (F) Ventilated disk Brake ( R) Disk Front suspension Double wishbone Rear suspension Double wishbone Tire size (F) 185/50 VR 13 Tire size ( R) 240/45 VR 13 Engine Engine type W701 (1,299cc) Valve arrangement DOHC-16 valve TSCC Bore x Stroke 3.19 in. x 2.48 in. Compression ratio 11.0 : 1 Max. Power 175 HP / 9,800 rpm Max. Torque 102 lb. ft. / 7,000 rpm Capacity Occupant 1 Fuel tank capacity 6.6 gal.



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