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American Suzuki Association’s Suzis on the Rocks Year Two

American Suzuki Association’s Suzis on the Rocks.

Rubicon Bash -Linda Bradshaw

LAKE TAHOE, CA. —This years American Suzuki Association’s ‘Suzis on the Rocks’ gathering drew 38 Samurai enthusiasts from several states to the famous Rubicon trail.

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Our group met up at Bassi Falls Wednesday evening and headed for Spider Lake on Thursday morning. Jessika James from the American Suzuki Association led this group at the beginning and only stayed with the group for a short time on a quad before heading back home.

We all missed her enthusiasm and red ‘suki sue’ this year. Due to the way this event is organized, people come and go as they please meeting and greeting all fellow enthusiasts they meet on the trail. One such group converged at Spider Lake Wednesday evening as others trickled in Thursday and Friday. asarubicon_07_brentbradshaw_small.JPG (15955 bytes) asarubicon_12_mikeschafer_small.JPG (9769 bytes)

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This event brings out some of the most serious Samurai enthusiasts in the sport. People like Tim Hardy, Mike Schaffer, Glenn Wakefield, and Brent Bradshaw along with many others prefer to experiment, testing their skills and equipment to its fullest extend, picking out the most challenging lines and thus wandering around the hillside rather than the traditional ‘follow the leader’ format.

Perhaps the most formal part of this event is Glenn Wakefield’s annual burger barbecue that was held Friday night. He gave a new meaning to the words ‘flame broiled’ when the whole table he was barbecuing on caught fire!

The rest of the four day event was extremely casual in structure as people broke up into small groups and went wheeling on the famous parts of the trail such as the little, big and old sluice. Others preferred to ‘hang out’ and enjoy the weather which was unusually warm water at Spider Lake.

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Girls Rule! Linda drove back from the middle of ‘old sluice’ to Spider Lake. Now, Brent says Linda can have her own sammy.

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