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American Suzuki Association’s Suzis on the Rocks.


American Suzuki Association’s Suzis on the Rocks.

Rubicon Bash -Linda Bradshaw

One potentially serious roll was caught on film is a serious of six incredible shots the following is a roll that occurred on the ‘big sluice’ heading into Rubicon springs. This is a corner that many people in short wheel base vehicles have problems with.

asarubicon_01_roll_small.JPG (11896 bytes)

Shane starting to drop off the ledge.

asarubicon_02_roll_small.JPG (14713 bytes)

Are we seeing a balancing act?

asarubicon_03_roll_small.JPG (11300 bytes)

The roll begins with the driver’s front taking first hit.

asarubicon_04_roll_small.JPG (10663 bytes)

The vehicle continues over.

asarubicon_05_roll_small.JPG (9718 bytes)

and rests on it’s side.

asarubicon_06_roll_small.JPG (10344 bytes)

It only take a few people to right a samurai.


The loosely organized scheduling and laid back atmosphere at this event allowed for a great deal of freedom for exploring while still enjoying the great camaraderie. As always fun was had by all that attended.

suzuki_underline_650.GIF (1221 bytes) 

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