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ZUKIWORLD Reviews: CALMINI Sidekick Front Bumper


CALMINI Sidekick Front Bumper

Installation and Review of Calmini’s Sidekick Front Bumper

Editor: Eric Bewley

BAKERSFIELD, CA -As Suzuki Sidekicks become more and more popular and their owners begin to traverse more advanced terrain exploring farther into the backcountry, stronger and more capable components are needed. CALMINI manufacturing from Bakersfield California has recognized and embraced the Sidekick adventurer and is providing top-notch products for the Sidekick vehicle with their front bumper being no exception. This bumper is a quality fabricated product. When ours arrived UPS, we were immediately taken aback by the quality of the welding on this product. Several inches of bead are visible with nary a hick-up in sight. The complex angles and cuts suggest a sophisticated manufacturing process. Fit and finish were exceptional apart from a couple areas of bare metal on the back side up in the crevices were coating is difficult.

Installation of this quality bumper was easy and took about 2 hours to complete. Light years ahead of the Competiton and stock components, the CALMINI bumper is the best choice for Sidekick owners looking for more protection and function.

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1. Assess your vehicle. We can see here that ZUKIWORLD’s project Gina Lee Definitely needs a bumper. This stock unit basically fell off during disassembly. click to enlarge 2. Remove the bolts holding the stock bumper on. Here we are removing CALMINI custom bumper mounts available for body lifted vehicles. click to enlarge 3. Remove ‘roachy’ bumper. click to enlarge 4. Install the new outside brackets with provided hardware. click to enlarge 5. Draw in the bolts but do not tighten. [leave movement for final assembly.] click to enlarge 6. Install the middle lower bracket using the provided u-bolts. Again, make sure to leave bolts loose for final assembly. click to enlarge 6a. continue click to enlarge 6b. One thing we did run into was a tight fit caused by factory a/c hardware. All parts fit without modification but getting our hands in there was difficult. click to enlarge 7. Using the provided hardware for the outside brackets lift the bumper in place and secure leaving all bolts loose. click to enlarge 7a. Use a floor jack to adjust the location of the bumper. The bumper matches the body contour. click to enlarge 8. Attach the main bumper to the lower bracket already on the car using the supplied hardware. click to enlarge 9. With all hardware in place, now begin tightening all of the bracket bolts to secure the bumper in place. click to enlarge 10. Make sure to check your new bumper’s bolts for tightness after you have driven a distance. We recommend checking after the next fill up. click to enlarge 11. Here we see the final installed product with an XD9000i winch installed.


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