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CALMINI Creates a Fire Breathing Vitara.


CALMINI Creates a Fire Breathing Vitara.

Story/Editor: Eric Bewley Photo: Steve Kramer

BAKERSFIELD, CA. —CALMINI manufacturing has just put the finishing touches on a 2.5 liter V6 powered Suzuki Vitara that is as at home conquering the trails of the high country or whoopin’ butt on street and strip. This Vitara really is a marriage of all of ASMC’s latest and greatest and with Suzuki just announcing the cancellation of the two-door Vitaras for 2004. This car is assured to be a one of a kind 2-door soft-top Sports SUV.

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The V6 Vitara Extreme has all of Calmini’s goodies, including their 2.5 inch suspension lift, body lift, 33 inch Interco radial Super Swampers, front and rear custom bumpers with Warn winch, rocker skids, and their exclusive RockCrawler t-case.

The crown jewel of this project, however, is the installation of a 2.5 liter V6 from a Grand Vitara. The complete package was taken from a donor GV and included the motor, transmisssion, all wiring harnesses (including the in-dash instrumentation), transmission crossmember, and exhaust.

“Eventhough the swap was time consuming it was straight forward because the front of the two vehicles are virtually the same.” Noted Steve Kramer of Calmini. “This swap really brings to life the 2-door Vitara and completes the package.”

On the trail or around town, the V6 Vitara Extreme can get the job done.

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