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ZUKIWORLD Reviews: EVIL TWIN Samurai Twin Stick Shifter for the Transfer Case



Samurai Twin Stick Shifter for the Transfer Case.

Editor/Photo: Eric Bewley 

CORVALLIS, OR – Evil Twin has created a product that is long over due for the Samurai market. For years there have been people building these on their own because when you convert a Samurai t-case to have a 2-low option the shifter becomes a ‘mystery shift’. It is really hard to keep track of where your at so that you know exactly what setting you are in. Finally, Evil Twin has come along to offer a full kit for those that would like to convert their Samurai’s t-case.

The instructions are written extremely well and are easy to follow. This is something that we were very pleased to see. Since the instructions are so good, we have just hit some of the highlights below to give you a sense of the amount of work it takes to install this kit. For most, this would be a four hour install and would be a little faster if you have already removed the detent lock-out ball in your case to have 2-low previously. The only snag we had was we didn’t remove the shifter-sheet that holds the stock shifter and spent a bit of time scratching our heads wondering why the shifter wouldn’t settle into the hole! 

This is a great kit. The only thing we would like to see is the inclusion of an inner boot assembly to keep the oil in the t-case. Building an inner boot by using a rubber glove, as suggested by Evil Twin, leaves a bit to be desired. Other than that the build quality and the fit and finish is great and is a definite recommend for anyone that wants a reliable way to get to 2-low in their Samurai t-case.

1. Inspect pieces. 2. Heat up and bend shift levels per instructions. 3. Remove shift knob, shift boot, shifter. Remove the interlock detent ball that keeps the Samurai t-case from the 2-low selection. 


4. We removed the Jack Shaft so we could get our pudgy hands in there. 5. This is the litter bugger that cost us a lot of frustration. 6. Install the correctly positioned shifter, lock it down with the re-used quarter turn cap lock, and install the homemade inner-boot, use tie wraps to secure to the sticks and the t-case. 7. Install the supplied twin-stick boot. We made holes for it and bolted the flange down, then used a razor blade to remove the excess that was sticking out of the flange.

The Evil Twin Twin-Stick shifter works very well and even worked with my previously modified 2-low GRS2 case. If you are looking to get some control over your t-case shifting. Give the guys at Evil Twin a call.

Evil Twin sales@zukeviltwin.com 


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  1. I am writing in reference to your Evil Twins shifter write up for the Suzuki Samurai transfer case. I do have myself a Petroworks GRS2 transfer case that has the modified “Sloppy H” shift pattern for the 2 low modification. I am wondering if the Evil twin shift is a drop in replacement for the stock shifter?
    If i read your write up correctly it appears that it is. If this is the case i am wanting to get this shift set-up for my Samurai but just want to be sure I am not wasting my money and buying something that wont work?
    Thank you for your patience.
    Gary D MIller

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