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How To Tighten Up You Suzuki Sidekick Steering.

 How To Tighten Up You Sidekick Steering.

Story/Photo: Mike Hagen Editor: Eric Bewley

COTTAGE GROVE, MN. —As your lifted kick gets some miles on it the drag link will soon begin to rotate which causes the alignment to toe in and out. This causes wandering and tire cupping. Even if you think it drives nice the way it is, it will drive even better if this tip has been done properly.

You will need an assortment of washers with a 16mm or 5/8 center hole diameter, grease zirk, and a common set of hand tools.

Start by removing draglink cotter key at the pitman arm. click to enlarge Next remove the 17mm nut. Tap a hammer on the pitman arm to break the seat of the taper of the drag link. click to enlarge Remove the boot. Reinstall the drag link into the pitman arm and tighten the 17mm nut. Add washers to the side until the link is held parallel to the pitman arm. click to enlarge Remove the link again. Put the washers over the post and reinstall. To make sure that when the nut is tightened that the washers can still spin just a little. click to enlarge If it is too tight it will prematurely wear the link and may not tighten the taper properly. Use a punch to mark a center hole in the drag link. click to enlarge Drill a 7/32 hole and install the grease zirk. click to enlarge


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  1. Will this work on a Sammy? Looks like mine with the rotated drag link. Old thread. Sorry, worth a try.

  2. Hi,
    I tried doing this, but when I drilled the hole for the zerk, I only had about1/16″ to 3/32″ for the cover plate and then the hole went directly up into the bottom of the stud??? thinking maybe there is a difference between center link manufacturing??? Maybe??? If I put the zerk in, first time the joint moves att all, it will either shear off, or get ripped out of the thin cover….

    Any thoughts/ suggestions?

  3. Hey just wanted to say thanks for this tip. What a great improvement after my lift. Just take time to get the washer stack right and BIG improvement. Now I have a hands off lifted sidekick!

    • im very curious about those droop limit straps. are they made or store bought?

      • I believe the ones in the article are store bought and the mounting is done in the garage. There are tons of vendors that sell limit straps and they are a good thing. They will help and keep the strut or shocks from ‘topping’ out which kills them quick.

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