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ZUKIWORLD Reviews: New Custom Aluminum Radiator For Suzuki Samurai


Keep Cool With Their New Custom Aluminum Radiator For Samurai

Editor/Photo: Eric Bewley

MERLIN, OR – Hawk Strictly Suzuki has a new solution to cure your overheating blues. Summer time, with all of it’s trail riding fun, can be quite hard on the Samurai cooling system. That, plus the addition of a larger engine such as a 1.6 8 or 16 valve can lead to high temperature anti-fun. Hawk has just released their all-aluminum custom radiator to cure the cooling ills and we have had a chance to install and use this new part on our G.I. Jane project Samurai with great success.

This Samurai is equipped with a 1.6 8-valve engine, GRS2, 3.73 gears, and 235/75 tires and we have unfortunately had cooling problems almost every summer since it was built. In troubleshooting this problem over the last couple of years, I have replaced all components that could be replaced such as the water pump, cap, thermostat, flushed the radiator, and oh… even a newer engine was in that mix. I was never able to get it under control. My experience was, it would be fine until the summer months and then the system would always be burping up coolant with the gauge running right below the “H” until the system was empty. Then I’d add some more coolant, and go on down the trail. This was never pressing but always annoying.

1. Loosen radiator cap.

2. Loosen petcock and drain radiator. 3. Remove overflow bottle. 4. Remove the four (4) bolts holding fan shroud 5. Remove fan shroud. 6. Loosen and remove upper and lower radiator hose at radiator. 7. Remove the four (4) bolts holding radiator. 8. Remove radiator. 9. Unpack, inspect, remove shipping plugs from new radiator. 10. Carefully, slide radiator in place. 11. Hold in place, install the four (4) mounting bolts. 12. Tighten bolts to factory specs. 13. Install fan shroud. 14. Install the four (4) bolts, careful not to overtighten. 15. Install upper and lower radiator hoses. 16. Install over flow bottle. 17. Install over flow tube. 18. Cut over flow tube to the correct length. 18. Ensure drain petcock is closed, fill radiator. 19. Start engine and let it warm up. Observe gauge, water level, and engine to ensure cooling system is working correctly.   20. Stand back and admire that nice new radiator!

Our first test drive was during one of the hottest days of the year. It was 104 degrees and we went on a trail ride with a couple of friends. Wow! The temperature gauge never went above middle deflection during a mix of driving from 65 mph down the highway to idling through clear cuts where the ambient temperature was melting all the drivers and passengers into sweaty puddles of goo. Bottom line: If you’re having problems with your cooling system, give Hawk Strictly Suzuki a call. You’ll be glad you did.

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