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Upper Helldorado Trail in a Suzuki = Easy


Moab’s Upper-Helldorado Trail -Junior

CONTINUED. -Some rocks were as big as the rigs on them. Take a look at our very own Eric Bewley. Those are 35×15.5 TSL/SX Swampers over Front and Rear Dana 44 axles. It was here that Eric gave us a view of the belly of his rig as though he were asking for us to scratch it. Believe it or not this was the preferred line to clear this obstacle. Just as easy as the tire went up, it too eased right back down landing atop the larger rock called ‘break-over rock’. Not sure why it’s called that. Could it be that just as you get over it, it breaks you like it did Eric’s front driveline? Who knows. It’s difficult to see in this photo, but Brent Bradshaw from Trail Tough is under Eric’s rig fixing the disconnected drive line mean while Eric takes in the nice weather, and applies firm pressure to the brakes. Hey kids, we don’t recommend you trying this at home. These are trained professionals and they practice this all the time. Sort-of.

Dscn0359_small.jpg (12452 bytes)

Nice place to stop and visit.

Dscn0354_small.jpg (12056 bytes)

lining up the approach.

Dscn0355_small.jpg (11530 bytes)

up, up and..

lb_upperhell_small.JPG (12409 bytes)

photo by Linda Bradshaw.

Dscn0357_small.jpg (9227 bytes)


Risk of rollover is very low in Upper Helldorado, but if one were to do so recovery would not be easy. Access to the side of a rig is nearly impossible considering the tight canyon walls and the lack of good solid trees to snatch block from.

Dscn0374_small.jpg (13548 bytes)

Blake’s beautiful orange Samurai

Up until the waterfall, or the out, the obstacles more or less easy. Pictured here is Blake Savage out of Minnesota. We’ll have to get Blake some black ZukiWorld sticker rather than white. They hardly show up in this photo. After a fight with this rock wall, Tim Lund nearly removes the entire right quarter panel. Can’t believe that ZukiWorld sticker survived like it did. Tim has custom fabricated a coil suspension that worked very well for him. He too has opted for the Dana axle in the front and a High Pinion Ford 9 inch in the rear.

Dscn0377_small.jpg (10818 bytes)

takes a licking…

Dscn0378_small.jpg (11225 bytes)

keeps on ticking.

Dscn0383_small.jpg (13390 bytes)

yep, steep.

The real show is getting out of the Upper Helldorado. During the wetter months this near vertical waterfall may spill gallons upon gallons of water over its 15-foot drop. But not during the week of Safari. It’s as dry as can be, and the only thing going over its edge is winch line from the rigs that had just completed the previous obstacles. Seen here is Kenny, friend of Blake’s, standing vertical on Blake’s tire as they prepare to winch the rig up and over the falls.

Dscn0380_small.jpg (12710 bytes)

Tim Lund makes his way over the falls, as did Eric. Note the snatch block needed by Eric. His 5000lb winch was stalling so the extra pulling power was needed. The crowed was further back then it appears in this photo.

Dscn0382_small.jpg (11856 bytes)

On the snatch block.

Dscn0381_small.jpg (12940 bytes)

Driveline re-seperated for a 2wd acsent.


We weren’t the only ones wanting up the falls though. Between winching rigs some trial-bike riders showed us how it’s done without winch cable. Hey boys, how comfortable can you be without a seat?

Dscn0388_small.jpg (11358 bytes)

All in all it was a great run up the canyon they call Helldorado. Some broke, some didn’t. But everyone had a great time no matter how their rig did. So if you’re ever in Moab and want to test your rig and your driving ability to the near max, visit both upper and lower Helldorado.


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