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How-To Repair The Shifter Sheet On A Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case

Low Range Off-Road T-Case Repair

Fixing The Shifter Sheet On A Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case

Editor: Eric Bewley Photo: E. Bewley

Molalla, OR – One of the most common problems with our Samurai as they age is the transfer case bushing failure that causes the transfer case to get stuck in neutral. Luckily, the fix for this is quite easy and can be done in a matter of minutes with common hand tools. So, after you got stuck in neutral on the trail, used a couple of screwdrivers to shift back into a range, and driven yourself home, give the folks at Low Range a call and pick up this simple affordable product and let your troubles melt away.

Our installation begins with the assumption that you’ve taken the shifter boot off and removed the shifter. We did this change out on the work bench but with a little bit of care, one can do this in the Samurai just as easily. The only tools needed are: A phillips and flat bladed screwdriver, a pick (dental pick), shop towels and some degreaser / cleaner.

1 – Nice photo of Low Range’s part. (Isn’t that nice?) 2 – With the shifter removed you can see the broken up shifter sheet. What happens is the ‘ball’ of the shifter begins to settle down and also can ‘wobble’ as this wears and the leverage off of the pins gets reduce to a point where the shifter can not move the shift forks far enough to change gears. 3 – Using a pick of some kind, carefully remove the junk.  4 – All the nastys removed. 5 – Clean shifter housing. Take care to spray cleaner on the towel first and then wipe to keep from filling the t-case with excess cleaner and chunks that might get blown off of the sidewalls and into the whole. 6 – Install the new Low Range shifter sheet. In a cool aerobatic way, it’ll twirl (or pivot if you will) around the locating pins and flop right into place.  7 – Ok, it’s in… Wasn’t that easy? Now, put your shifter back in and reinstall the t-case. You are ready to enjoy your Samurai on the trail again without the worry of getting stuck in neutral.

See the product at Low Range Off-Road’s website by clicking here.



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  1. Dear Staff,

    I have a 1996 Zook Sierra Classic edition.
    On a recent trip out on the trail, after being in 4WD (H) and (L) on and off, i tried to select my shift back to 2WD (H). But couldnt do so, not also, my 4WD GREEN LIGHT was not on, on my dash, when in 4WD.
    So, i removed my shift stick, got in there and aligned the 2 shift forks so that they were parallel, (Is it true to say that when they are parallel this places the gearbox in 4WD (H), once i aligned them, my 4WD Green Light came back on, so i then put it all back together and shifted it into 2WD (H), which it did as it should..
    THEN….. I tried shifting back into 4WD, and again, wasnt able to get back to 2wd, its as if when i go from 2wd to 4wd the alignment goes out again, meaning i would have to repeat the entire process again and manually align the forks,,,,
    My shift sheet looked to be in great condition, could you provide any further advice of what i can do to rectify my problems..Thanks in advance. Daniel

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