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ZUKIWORLD Travels To Wisconsin To Wheel With RPM4x4 And Friends



ZUKIWORLD Travels To Wisconsin To Wheel With RPM4x4 And Friends

Story/Editor: Eric Bewley Photo: Sara Bewley

SAND CREEK, WI. —ZUKIWORLD traveled to Apple Valley Farms home site for the famous RPM4x4 club. The purpose; to “hang out” and to wheel some new terrain. We had heard a lot about the trails at the farm and have seen pictures and video of the land but it’s just not the same as being there and experiencing it. So, off we went to meet up with our good friends Mike, Chunk, and Zig who drove up from Tennessee. We had a marvelous time and by the time we left we had made several more good friends that we hope we can see again soon.

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movie_icon.gif (2038 bytes) Tubed-Framed Samurai climbing sand / gravel pit | .mpg | 2,940Kb movie_icon.gif (2038 bytes) Dan crawling rock obstacle with project: PornStar | .mpg | 6,430Kb movie_icon.gif (2038 bytes) Jay climbing sand hill in his Sidekick buggy | .mpg | 2,428Kb movie_icon.gif (2038 bytes) Dan climbing sand hill in project: PornStar | .mpg | 5,362Kb

When we arrived at the farm Mike was already there setting up and unloading his newly finished RockStar project. We pulled up and immediately began chewin’ the fat about his new ride, the weather, and the expected large group that comes up each Memorial Day weekend to frolic in the magical lands at the ‘Farm.

So we proceeded to make camp at there very large camp ground. The ‘Farm is a family affair and a lot of Mike’s family chips in to make groups feel comfortable when they are there. Whether it’s Mike’s father Ed keeping the ‘large enough to signal the space station’ group camp fire going or his Uncle letting people fix their broken rigs in his shop, you can count on great hospitality at the ‘Farm.

Ok, we’re unloaded let’s go for a ride! We jumped into our rigs and started the whirlwind tour of the ‘Farm and right away I could tell that it was going to be a fun weekend.

The ‘Farm is set up mostly as an obstacle based type of place. Meaning there are trails that connect a series of man-made or natural obstacles that can challenge just about any sized vehicle. Speaking of any sized vehicle, “the group” I referred to earlier was a large club of wheelers from southern Minnesota. Most of their rigs were large full framed buggies on 44″ tall tires and up. Below is a picture of a custom tube-framed Samurai that was on 40″ tall Iroks, this was one of the smaller rigs in the group. So we were lucky enough to have two kinds of entertainment over the long weekend. Ourselves wheeling the obstacles and hootin it up and also the chance to watch very large ‘earth moving’ style rigs tear it up as well. Bonus..

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Below are some random photos from the weekend. We had a great time there and would recommend anyone that wants to have a good wheeling time get hold of RPM4x4 and attend on of their many events that are held during the year. Special thanks to Chunk and Crissy who put up with us for nearly a solid week, you’s guys rock!

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