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Another fun year in Moab, Utah with ZUKIWORLD during Red Rock 4 Wheeler’s Easter Jeep Safari



Another fun year in Moab, Utah with ZUKIWORLD during Red Rock 4 Wheeler’s Easter Jeep Safari

Editor: Eric Bewley Photo:G. Mikkelson, D. Arnold, B. Bagwell, J. Hutchison, R. Bardo

MOAB, UT – An early date and dark skies did not dampen the spirits of the hardy ZUKIWORLD traveler. This year’s Easter Jeep Safari may have been down on attendance but ‘Zukfari enthusiasts stayed strong and helped contribute to the most successful charity raffle we have held yet where we set a new record for the dollar amount raised. Oh, and the wheeling was great too! Early in the week we were treated to some very stormy weather. Rain, sleet, and snow didn’t stop the faithful from having a great time. Although, there was mention from a couple buggy owner’s a wish for windshields heaters. 

In general for the week the ZW crowd split up into two groups. Larger buggies with their drivers wanting to tackle the best and most difficult of what Moab has to offer and the more adventure minded enthusiast who wanted to see some new trails this year. From Pritchett Canyon trail to Seven Mile Rim trail all had a blast with new obstacle accomplishments and new sights seen. Our dinner and raffle, which was held on Wednesday night at Old City Park was a great success and we raised a record amount of money for charity this year. 

Trails ran during the week included Gold Bar Rim, Rusty Nail, Hell’s Revenge, Poison Spider / Golden Spike, Pritchett Canyon, Seven Mile Rim, Metal Masher, and many others. We even had some time to go check out B.F.E. which is a must do for anyone that loves the sport. It was really cool to go back and see the Helldorado trail which is now part of this private OHV park. Other than the entrance, it hasn’t changed too much and still provides quite a bit of excitement.


For the “adventure” group an easier trail called Klondike Bluff’s provided a great treat. From dinosaur tracks to abandoned mines, to the sights of Arches National Park, this trail delivers. We really had a great time exploring in and out of our vehicles. Fast sandy wash running coupled with tight rock sections made for good driving challenges too.


The whole week was full of fun and great activities that kept us entertained. Moab is still a must do stop for any 4 wheel enthusiasts that wants to experience truly great wheeling adventure!



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