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‘Zukfari – Moab 2009 Less is more on the Trails


Less Can Be More On The Trails!

Editor: Eric Bewley Photo:G. Fuller, R. Fuller, J. Hutchison

MOAB, UT – Great weather, exploration of new trails, and great people made this year’s event a plain old hootenanny. We were expecting there to be smaller crowds due to the economy and that is what we found but what was nice about that was the trails were less crowded and the people that were there seem to really be appreciative and feel fortunate to be there. It seems like every year there are tales of trail conflicts and intoxicated individuals doing reckless things that spoil it for some but not this year. All that we encountered were all smiles and the “happy factor” was high for all.

We had devised a loose schedule to fill up the week with new and different trails to run. One can only run Pritchett Canyon so many times before it becomes a bit unbearable. So, we tried trails that sounded interesting or that we had heard about before as being really fun. On Monday, a group decided to do the Steel Bender trail. This trail starts right south of town and has obstacles spaced out by several miles of two track type trail. Other trails during the week included Kane Creek, Gold Bar Rim, 7-mile Rim, Hell’s Revenge, and so on… 

Moab is always a blast and it’s great to see people that you only see once a year at this time and catch up, see what they’ve been up to, and go wheeling with them. This year was no exception with there being several hardy souls that have been to many ‘Zukfari events over the years. However, there were several new faces this year too and it was equally as great to meet them, get to see their rides, and go wheeling. Going wheeling is the key part as you can see. 

As stated earlier, we decided to try some different trails and see some “new to us” parts of Moab. Some of these trails turned out to be real winners with us and I bet we’ll try them again. Others were just good and will probably be placed on the back burner so that in case we ever get bored there, (highly unlikely!) we’ll run them.

Below we have compiled a representative group of pictures of the week’s activities that we hope convey the fun, camaraderie, and overall excitement and pleasure that we all experienced this year. If you can get the chance to come out, we highly recommend Moab and want to invite you to come wheel with us during the ZUKIWORLD ‘Zukfari next year!





Support those that support our sport…

ZUKIWORLD ‘Zukfari Dinner & Raffle

We had an outstanding dinner & raffle reception this year. Ticket sales were at a record level and we will be able to donate that money to RR4W’s Mud fund and the Blue Ribbon Coalition to help support those groups that are promoting outdoor access on public and private lands.

Special thanks to all the companies that supported us and the dinner volunteers: Greg, Robin, Sara, Hutch, Jason, Bud, Mark, and everyone else that toted, hauled, hooked and cooked.

Sponsors: American Suzuki Motor Corporation, Cabela’s, Hi-Lift, Hawk Strictly Suzuki, K&N Filter Chargers, Kyosho, Light Force, Low Range Off-Road, Mickey Thompson, Oakley, Petroworks, Pitt Bull, Pro-Line Racing,   Sky Off-Road Design, Sidekick Off-Road, Spidertrax Off-Road, Suzuki Depot, Tom Wood’s Drive shaft, Trail Tough Products, Warn Industries

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