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GodZuki – Resurrection Of A Trusty Off-Road Machine



Resurrection Of A Trusty Off-Road Machine.

Editor: E. Bewley Story: B. Zeigler Photo: B. Zeigler, IZOOK

Cookeville, TN – Fondest Memories and New Beginnings – Over the past 13 years, I have enjoyed my favorite hobby in the same trusty vehicle, my 1989 Suzuki Sidekick. She was nicknamed ‘Godzuki’ by my fellow club members, not for its size, but for its surprising abilities. From the beginning, when I purchased her in 1994, she surprised me and those around me with an amazing ability to conquer trails that seemed impossible for a rig that size and incredible dependability both on and off the road. For 13 years and over 300,000 miles, she NEVER left me stranded. Even though there were many times that I beat her beyond her limits, and had to limp her home, she always got me to my destination.

After 13 years of trail abuse and daily driving, with the last two years as a beach buggy/pavement pounder in Florida (I never like the mud a lot); she is now a beaten, battered, rusty shell of what she use to be. Even though she still fires right up on the first try and all of her major components are still holding strong, her old frame and body has given out. 

Now it is time for a new era. After many long hours of thought, lost nights of sleep and consulting with my good friends (and fellow “Zukifreaks”), I have decided it is time to send my Kick to the big parts pile in the sky. She is now in a place familiar to me, but strange to her. I have shipped her out to Liberty Overland – Custom Adventure Vehicles to be worked on in their new shop. This is also ZUKIWORLD H.Q. so not only can I get good quality work done on my beloved rig; we can all get a chance to join in the process and watch the progress as my new ride gets built.

I have employed Liberty Overland to custom build my next generation of Suzuki adventure vehicle. We have the basic ideas worked out, but would like comments and suggestions form the ZUKIWORLD community throughout the build. We will be posting progress throughout the build and asking questions / posting comments on the ZUKIWORLD forum. Please, join in! – http://www.zukiworld.com/forum/index.php?topic=20915.0


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