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ZUKIWORLD Reviews: SKY’S OFFROAD DESIGN – Hi-Steer Kit for Samura


We Installed and Tested Sky’s Hi-Steer Kit for Samurai. Editor/Photo: Eric Bewley

SPRINGFIELD, OR. —Sky’s Offroad Design has been turning out some great steering products for all sorts of off-road vehicles. We had a chance to install and evaluate their Hi-Steer kit for a Dana 44 equipped Samurai. There was some prep work involved in this application mainly due to the fact of the custom nature of the vehicle. Sky was able to get me all the correct tie-rod ends, bits, and pieces to adapt my Sidekick power steering to the Dana 44 axles.

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1. Acquire some D44 Chevrolet Steering knuckles, clean them up, press in some fresh ball joints, surface the flat top to accept the steering arms, and tap the passenger side to accept the bolts for the steering arms.

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2. Remove tire and wheel.

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3. Remove old steering system. click to enlarge 4. Remove brake caliper. click to enlarge 5. Remove hub lock-out. click to enlarge 6. Remove hub from spindle, take off spindle, remove old knuckle. Install new Flat top knuckles, spindle, hub, and hub lock-out. click to enlarge 7. With new studs in place, install steering arm. click to enlarge 8. Install conical washers (new), lock washers, and lock nuts. click to enlarge 9. Repeat for driver’s side. click to enlarge 10. At this point and if you have a custom application, you will measure the center to center distances for drag link and tie-rod. Contact Sky’s and have them send you the correct length components. click to enlarge 11. Install new heavy duty tie-rod and drag link. Install tires and align the toe. click to enlarge 12. Picture showing the improved drag link angle. click to enlarge

What a difference! Every since the Dana 44 swap there has been a need for steering correction on this vehicle. Bump steer was all but eliminated, the tie-rod is moved much higher up, and the components are more than big enough to get the job done. Overall this kit improved the driveability and the off-road ability dramatically all in one swoop. How many modifications can do that? Even if you have a difference set up than the one above, Sky can meet your needs. Call them today for a custom quote.



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