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ZUKIWORLD Reviews: SPIDERTRAX Heavy-Duty Front Axles For Your Samurai


Heavy-Duty Front Axles For Your Samurai.

Editor/photo: Eric Bewley

CORVALLIS, OR – Spidertrax has developed a new heavy-duty axle to replace the stock Samurai front-end axles and birfield joints. That’s no surprise, for Spidertrax has been pushing the envelope on Samurai parts development for years. The surprise is; however, how far advanced these units are compared to other aftermarket axles currently available. It is immediately obvious upon opening the packaging that not only is the material used to create these axles is superior, there is a new well thought-out design of the birfield cup. Spidertrax didn’t just add girth to a stock designed birfield, they have totally redesigned it and the results are fantastic. Recommended for tire sizes up to 33 inch, these axles enable a Suzuki purist to keep their Samurai all Suzuki instead of adding other manufacturer’s (Toyota, Ford, Dana, etc…) parts for strength.

We have installed and tested these axles on a vehicle with a 235/75R15 tire size. During the testing, we did enough bouncing and hopping that, from previous experience we know, would normally snap a stock axle into a gozillion pieces. These axles performed flawlessly and shown no damage in the splines or in the birfield cup upon post-flogging inspection.

Below is our installation. It is abbreviated because it is assumed that since your changing to these axles, you have already broken one or two stock axles and are familiar with removing and changing out axles from the housing assembly.

 1. Remove wheel and tire, remove brake caliper, remove brake rotor. 2. Remove lock out cap and retaining c-clip from axle. 3. Remove the four bolts holding the spindle assembly in place, remove axle, 4. Disconnect drive line 5. Remove 3rd member, change out the 22 spline side gears with 26 spline side gears, Reinstall 3rd member, reconnect drive line. 6. Whoops! the larger redesigned birfield will not fit into the housing through the knuckle. 7. Remove knuckle, install new axle, Reinstall EVERYTHING. Enjoy!

Again, we were very satisfied with this new product from Spidertrax. It is our sincerest hope that they consider building rear axles as well as custom side gears to get even larger axles into our Samurai carriers and housings. Please visit their site for more information:

Spidertrax  (800) 286-0898


Straight to the Axles.


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