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ZUKIWORLD Reviews: Coffee Table Book For The Suzuki Enthusiast


Coffee Table Book For The Suzuki Enthusiast

Editor: Eric Bewley 

LONGMONT, CO. – Spidertrax is promoting and selling a book written by John Richardson titled “How to Modify Suzuki 4×4 for Serious Off-Road Action” ISBN: 1-904788-91-2. This book covers Suzuki history in brief, general vehicle modifications and repair practices, driving techniques, and specialized vehicles using Suzuki parts. The author’s stated goal of the book “…is to enable a total novice to choose a suitable vehicle and plan the modifications required to build their ultimate off-roader in stages, yet still be able to enjoy their vehicle after each phase of development…”

At first pass, the book is very enjoyable. There are a lot of photos with about an average of 3 per page. Many of the pictures appear to be from the UK and Europe which the North American reader will find unique and very interesting. There are several of the ‘everything you need to know’ type fixes and modifications such as the removable doors hinge modification for the Samurai and the clicky-starter fix external starting relay which make this book very useful to the beginning Suzuki enthusiast.

Upon reading the book in more detail, I found few tid-bits of useful information strewn here and there in the pages that haven’t been published somewhere else. This book is best described as a compilation or “Greatest Hits” of ideas in printed form; there definitely isn’t any new ground broken here. 

Nonetheless, that shouldn’t detract the Suzuki enthusiast from picking up their copy of the book. Reading through the pages is still very enjoyable, the photography is superb and as the author intended in his writing this book should inspire the reader to “…get out there and get on with your own.”

This book would make a good gift to the Suzuki enthusiast in your family. Or, if one is just starting their Suzuki odyssey they may find this book very useful in creating definitions for them and giving them a good foundation to begin their journey. Visit Spidertrax to order yours today. 


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