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ZUKIWORLD Reviews: Calmini’ 6″ Combo Lift Kit part 4.



Calmini’s 6″ Combo Lift Kit,  There’s More Then Just Clearance To Gain. -Junior

Continued. —Once the body lift was complete we turned our attention to the suspension components. We elected to lift the vehicle and support it by the frame allowing the suspension to freely hang.

Dscn0226_small.jpg (11082 bytes)

remove stock upper arm

Dscn0235_small.jpg (10563 bytes)

install new arm

Dscn0243_small.jpg (10523 bytes)

reconnect spring


Now it’s a matter of pull a stock component and replace it with the Calmini stuff. We started with the upper control arm.  Make certain to reconnect the brake assist spring as seen here. Pinion angle is attained by screwing the heim-joint in and out, and once the proper angle is achieved you’d simply tighten the jam-nut. (Note; make sure you double and triple check this jam nut is still tight after wheeling a couple of hours.) I didn’t do this and mine loosened. Luckily I caught it before the threads were damaged. Calmini specifically warns customers to always double check every nut and bolt after a days wheeling. In the case of the hemi-joint they are serious.

Dscn0229_small.jpg (10414 bytes)

Dscn0240_small.jpg (9711 bytes)

Heim-joint adjustment on upper arm.

Dscn0284_small.jpg (11105 bytes)

The finished look.

Install the lower trailing arms, shocks, brake line, and so forth per Calmini’s instructions. Once complete move to the front. And don’t forget to adjust the emergency brake cables.

The front will take a little more time to complete, but is in no way any more difficult than the rear. Make sure the vehicle is well in the air and securely blocked and supported.

Dscn0252_large.jpg (88760 bytes)

Next we located the new mounting hardware for the front axle housing. Note it’s very important that these be installed and installed correctly, they relocate and change the front pinion angle.

Dscn0255_small.jpg (8314 bytes)Dscn0258_small.jpg (9693 bytes)Dscn0260_small.jpg (10048 bytes)Dscn0261_small.jpg (10866 bytes)

Front hardware mounting

Dscn0259_small.jpg (9579 bytes)Dscn0257_small.jpg (10746 bytes)

Front hardware mounting (continued)

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