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ZUKIWORLD Reviews: Calmini’ 6″ Combo Lift Kit part 3.



Calmini’s 6″ Combo Lift Kit,  There’s More Then Just Clearance To Gain.


Continued. —Next, install the new tubular control arms. (TIP; make certain the steering arms are above the control arm on each side during install. If not, you’ll have to remove the arm and reinstall it as we did. You’ll understand.)

Dscn0262_small.jpg (12407 bytes)

Here you see the position of the steering arm, above the control arm.

Naturally the springs are next. The springs CAN be installed without a spring press. Considering I didn’t have an extra body to take the photo while we did this, I’ll have to describe it. We place the control arm on a floor jack and left it at a position where the spring would fit between its upper perch and the control arm spring rest. We then grabbed hold of the vehicle frame and used our feet to push the spring base into it’s resting spot, meanwhile jacking the floor jack to quickly get pressure on the spring to hold it in place. Make sense? Ok, maybe not, but it worked. The assistance of a short 2×4 piece of wood can be used as leverage for your feet.

Leave the floor jack under the control arm to hold the spring in place and attach the new strut. Don’t forget the upper blocks provided by Calmini. Attach the bottoms as seen here, and now the floor jack can be removed.  Oh, did I mention you have to support the CV axles with the entire hub assembly with one hand while attempting to attach the lower strut bolts? Get some help from a friend on this one. Offer up lunch and a cold refreshment to compensate them. You’ll be glad you did. The finished assembly should look like this. Note the brake line run and clamp system. If yours looks any different from this, please don’t drive it. Get help…

Dscn0446_small.jpg (8818 bytes)

strut jack

Dscn0269_small.jpg (12357 bytes)

cv axle installed

Dscn0282_small.jpg (11543 bytes)

completed work

Repeat this on each side, attach your steering arms, and drive shafts and you’re ready for a professional realignment.  Additionally, but not shown here, Calmini offers a steering stabilizer/truss kit. We elected to install this system and it works great.

Dscn0293_small.jpg (11284 bytes)

all done…

P0000581_small.jpg (7643 bytes)

SK0035 stabilizer kit

As for performance and durability, this kit is as tough as they get. We put this kit to the ultimate test in Moab this past 2001 Easter Jeep/Zuk Safari and it passed with flying colors. We literally drug the car on it’s tubular control arms in upper Helldorado after break a left front CV.

Dscn0344_small.jpg (11022 bytes) The rest you can see for your self. Sit back and enjoy these pics of the suspension in action.

 Dscn0332_small.jpg (10190 bytes) Dscn0303_small.jpg (13875 bytes) Dscn0310_small.jpg (10886 bytes) Dscn0311_small.jpg (10803 bytes)

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