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APPLE VALLEY FARMS – Working and Wheeling R.P.M. Style.


Workin’ and Wheelin’ R.P.M. Style.

Editor: Eric Bewley Photo/Story: Bryan Zeigler

New Auburn, WI. -I recently had the privilege of a weekend, Working and Wheeling RPM style. The week before I gave Mike Hagen a call to find out what unusual parts I would need to round up to install my recently purchased Currie Ford 9”. As we went through the list he mentioned that I ought to come up for an upcoming ride they were having the following weekend. It definitely struck my interest, and when he said that we could work on installing the axle when he was not “working” the event, I started making plans.

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The following Wednesday I was loaded up and ready to go. I had heard lots of stories about the trails and the RPM club members, so I could not wait to experience an RPM 4×4 event at Apple Valley Farms.

I arrived a day early, so I decided to get myself a room in a local Inn for a day of physical and mental preparation for the upcoming weekend. Even though the Inn had a weight and exercise room, I opted for the meditation brought on by Ice cold refreshing beverages, a hot tub and a pool

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I was eager for the next day to arrive. I had heard that RPM 4×4 was legendary for putting on great events and even had the privilege to ride with a few of their club members in Attica, IN. BUT now I was on their home field and had no idea of what I was in for.

I arrived at Apple Valley Farms the following day just after noon. I was a few minutes ahead of Mike and the other RPM members but there was still a welcoming party waiting at the end of the drive, Lucy. We played fetch for a few minutes until Mike arrived.

When Mike arrived we did the usual inspection of the rigs to see what all each other had done to their ride and began unloading. After quickly setting up camp I was ready for the grand tour of the trails. When they said I was going to get the “quick tour” of the trail before we headed to the shop, they definitely meant QUICK. Let me put it this way, ‘red line all the time’ is not just some cool slogan he made up to add character to his posts. It was an absolute blast. We spent the next few hours racing from obstacle to obstacle checking out all the key points of the trail system.

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Later that afternoon we headed down to his uncles shop for a few hours work on my Kick and to fix some trail carnage caused by the combination of to much speed, a stump, and an axle tube. You know you are riding with a great club when they do not even flinch at the site of a broken axle tube, but instead caravan down to the shop, collect parts and get to work.

After a few hours in the shop the broken axle tube was fixed, my 9” had its new gears in and was sitting under the truck ready for spring perches, shock mounts, etc… We decided to call it a night and head back to camp for some fireside beverages and to get ready for the next 2 days of trail riding.

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The following morning the majority of the guest club had arrived. There were 20-25 trucks at camp. I was eager to see what all Mikes Tracker could do after the ‘Quick Tour’ the day before. After breakfast it was time to hit the trails. It was an awesome site seeing Trackers leading trails in front of a line of 10-12 big V-8 powered Toyotas, Broncos, Blazers, Jeeps, etc…. Almost every truck in the guest club was running a 302 conversion and 37” or larger tires.

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RPM 4×4 upheld their reputation for putting on great events. Saturday and Sunday was spent on the trails at Apple Valley Farms. I rode with Mike the entire weekend and what a ride it was. With the combination of an incredibaly built Tracker and awesome driving skills, there are few places that we could not go. After the first couple of obstacles, I quit asking if he could make ‘that hard line’, because he was heading for the hard line any way J The entire weekend was filled with great trails, wheel stands, roll overs, carnage, and even air born 4×4’s. I missed out on allot of cool pictures due to the fact that somebody dropped there digital camera Sunday morning, and it was ran over by Mikes 35” Krawlers (I’m pleading the 5th).

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Sunday afternoon was spent adventuring the areas I had not seen and rally racing along the trail system. I really enjoyed riding all of the trails during the event, but Friday morning and Sunday afternoon was the best time I had. A small group 2-3 trucks blasting around from obstacle to obstacle, just having fun.

With all of the guest club gone, by Monday morning, we headed back to the shop to finish roughing in the Ford 9”. It was hard to believe that the weekend was already gone and it was time to head out on my 900 mile ride home.

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Initially, I thought that a 1800 mile round trip was going to be a lot of driving for a weekend of wheeling. From the moment I arrived I knew I had to make this trip again. With all the awesome trails, great people, beautiful scenery and a all you can eat buffet of ripe, fresh pick fruits along the trail, Apple Valley Farms is a great place to ride.

For more information on RPM 4×4 and Apple Valley Farms please visit http://www.rpm4x4.com


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