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Eddieville 100 – ZUKIWORLD Challenge Racers Enjoy Opening Race

Eddieville 100

ZUKIWORLD Challenge Racers Enjoy Opening Race

Editor: Eric Bewley Photo: Meyrena Fuller, E. Bewley

GOLDENDALE, WA – The season opener for the Zukiworld Challenge held at the Eddieville race track provided racers and viewers with an exciting race where teams attacked the course with different strategy, intensity, and designs in hopes of winning the first race of the 2010 season. Located approximately 2 hours from Portland, Oregon next to the Columbia river, the Eddieville track provided a new venue for the race teams to experience. A developed and established motor-cross racing track, the 9 plus mile course had something for everyone. There was a flat-track section, whoops and table-top jumps, and high speed sections where some racers were hitting 60 miles per hour plus.

As part of a race weekend, we were racing on Saturday with buggies and side-by-side UTVs. Sunday was reserved for the faster and more dramatic race trucks. After a short driver’s meeting with Scott, our friendly host and land owner, we lined up and got ready to start the race. Greg racing for Suzuki Underground got to make first dust in our group followed my yours truly in the Liberty Overland entry. Next, was the Zukiworld Order club car built and raced by Joe Cooper and Dave Capell. Bringing up the rear was Trouble Racing’s Kris Anderson. Three brand new teams and one ‘veteran’ got ready to make time and then…. we we’re off!

Strategy was very different between teams. Whether to use one driver or two, racing pace, or how the vehicle was prepped, every team had different approaches which really led to an exciting close race where the margin of victory was slim compared to how long the overall race was.






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