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Last One Over – Overland Adventure in Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming

Last One Over – Overland Adventure in Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming


Hello Adventure Enthusiasts!
ZUKIWORLD ZUKFARI – Last One Over Adventure – JUNE 30 – JULY 5, 2017
Upcoming Event! You too can be on an expedition to the most beautiful place in America

Last One Over, Overland adventure in Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming culminating at the border convergence of all three states. Plan to see, Atomic City and EBR-1 (The first Nuclear Power plant), Minnetonka cave, Lava Hot Springs, Soda Springs Geyser, Bear Lake, Napoleon Dynamite’s Movie house, Jackson Hole, Teton National Park.

Background: Over the years, we have went on adventures where the itinerary and the goal was not all too structured and not the point. We’ve been fortunate and have found some amazing things out there. Awhile back we stumbled on the idea to hit the border convergence of three states. The first one we did was the California, Nevada and Oregon Borders.. That trip was such a fun success we carried on with creating another event following the same Latitude and culminating at the Idaho, Nevada, Oregon border. This trip… is the next one over which is the convergence of Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming

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Here are some ‘stock photos’ found on the internet demonstrating some of the sites we’ll see.



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  1. Just moved to Boise, ID looking for a crew (if any) to cruise and find new and old trails. I have a 87 samuri that I brought up from Arizona. Please let me know I have been itching to go out, just don’t know where.

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