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Suzuki 4×4 Action Shots From All Over The World



Do you have a picture of an amazing or interesting Suzuki? If so, submit your quality 3″x5″ photos to ZUKIWORLD online c/o to the Managing Editor. Photos are non-returnable. Selected entrees now receive a free ZUKIWORLD Windshield Banner Decal.   

Stacy Ritchie, Kentucky .  – 2 inch body lift from RR.  2 inch coil spacers, crown vic rear shocks, front strut extenders, sway bar removed.  235/75 Maxxis Bighorns on stock rims.  5 speed with the 16 valve engine with Safari Snorkel.  Planning a rear locker soon.

Kirby Back, Kissimmee, FL. The Tracker is stock with a 1.6L. with TBI.1.6L Suzuki w/Calmini header, CenterForce clutch / 5-spd Trans w/ modified Hurst T-shifter, (The stock shifter was taken out – shortened — heated and straightened and, re-threaded to accept the Hurst T-shift handle. Shift stroke was reduced from 13 inches to 3 inches.), 5.13:1 rear gear with Roadless Gear mini-spool
Calmini 4140 Alloy Steel Axles, HoleShot Racing Wheels (custom made wheels), (FR.) 15×3 Cooper tires (REAR) 15×8 28x9x15 Hoosier slicks, 6-point custom Roll Bar / Drive shaft Loop / Seat Install by MazWorx in Orlando. Kirkey Racing Seat w/Cover RJS Cam lock 3″ 5 pt. Racing Harness, Cross-drilled front disc brakes

Fastest: 17.144 @ 75 mph 1/4mile   Joseph Brown, having some fun with his ’89 sidekick a few years ago… …had to show the teenagers how a real ATV does it. Andrew Vastola, from Denver, Colorado. This shot is from a trip we just did to Carnage Canyon just outside Buena Vista, CO.   Kfir, Israel, reaching for the stars in his Samurai equipped with 1.6 8 valve, Header, Subaru 1.8 carb, Supercharger 1.5 bar
George Logan, Finding the sunshine in Oregon in his wife’s 89 JX
click to enlarge Sean DeVinney, USA, airing out his Samurai at Monsters on the 2004 Beach Tough Truck Competition click to enlarge Chase Nealon, Golden CO,Blue 86 Samurai it has Jeep YJ springs sprung over a lock-right rear locker and 6/1 T-case gearing. He runs 33″ BFG muds and the body is coated with blue bed liner paint and chalk board paint on the hood and rear rollcage hoop click to enlarge Damon Brown, Golden CO, 87 Samurai with 1/4 eliptical rear suspension and coils out front. Detroit lockers front and rear an have tubed out the rear 1/4 of the frame. As you can see I have lost alot of the body work and I can lift any one of my 35″ MTR tires about 4 ft. off the ground before the others start to lift. The engine is the 1.6 L from a Suzuki Esteem run to a stock Sami Transmision and a T-case with 4/1 low range and 5.13 diff gears click to enlarge Dean Forsbloom Calgary, Alberta, Canada ’88 Zuke 5″ Calmini Lift Kit 1.6ltr 8v Engine I tried to cross this mud hole but the ground under the water was not as frozen as expected! click to enlarge Edwin Scheepers, Nuenen Nederland, Sidekick 1.6i Convertible In the foto I was crossing a ditch witch went fairly easy if I do say so my self 😉 By us in Holland there is not so mutch free nature left so we all have to drive at special events where it’s always very busy but always nice to meet other “idiots” whith the same mallfuntion as me! click to enlarge Jeff Granger, Grand Island Nebraska, 1998 Sidekick, Warming up his tires. click to enlarge Mathieu Bertrand, Québec, Canada, 92 suzuki sidekick. It has 31 inch’s tires, tubbing bumper, lock right powertrax rear diff locker and super nice back light. click to enlarge Dan Butler from Utah, Showing what happens when you have a camera around. click to enlarge Blake Savage’s Glider. If Mike Hagan is not flying his own rig he’s talking others into it. Very impressive gentlemen. click to enlarge Brian Mcguire, Tacoma Washington. Making the best of the situation. The road to the left looks perfectly good, Brian! He needs a better spotter. click to enlarge Greg Fuller, Salem Oregon Showing us he needs some lockers. click to enlarge Hamish from Canada. Hangin Twenty on this fun little hill climb. click to enlarge Tom Jurach, from Sacremento whipping out a nice wheel stand in Moab. click to enlarge Mike Hagen is at it again doing some night wheeling in Moab Ut. Shhhh, he’s concentrating… click to enlarge Jeff Pollock from Ohio sent us this photo of him testing his 5-point racing harness at the Badlands 4×4 amusement park. click to enlarge Doug O says “From my moster truck days of watching the Lon’ Ranger, the Monster Truck that did it just as good in reverse.” Doug sent us several good shots of crazy backwards action. This photo, however, is going foward doing a wheel stand up a small waterfall area. click to enlarge Craig Cruz is giving his Samurai a mud bath in “Channel 10” he hopes to sooth and comfort his ride at this spa. Next, he plans to put cucumbers over the headlights. click to enlarge Cris Benito is teaching his new dog how to do an old trick on a trail called “Tank Farm.” click to enlarge “We love to see Suzuki rigs trying to obtain orbit.” T.H. Floyd sent us this photo of him launching his ’89 tracker. Keep up the good work! click to enlarge Kevin sent us this demonstration of gravity. The photo was taken at the Attica, Indiana , Zookimelt 2001. click to enlarge “Prepare for Take off.” Mike Hagen from MN here. (I wheeled with you guys in the con last year) I have a new tracker now. This one is a 97 with 26,000 miles on it.  this photo was taken on the trucks first event. It goes very well. click link to right “Don always wanted to be an astronaut.” click link to rightCould someone direct me to the beach?” Rob Longmore from Sydney Australia, thought he would send us a photo taken on a hillclimb… click link to right “Who put that hole there?” One of Hawk Strictly Suzuki’s customers from Guam sent them a series of photos showing off how they wheel down there. click link to right “Muddy Mayhem” A photo of an unkown Samurai at the what is now known as the last Foster Mud Flats races held this last January, 2000. click link to right “Some days are better than others.” Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima, fell to a mechanical failure in the second turn of last year’s Pike’s Peak International Hill climb. His new twin engine 800hp Suzuki Esteem was click link to right Here’s those “wild and crazy guys” from Guam again. Is this the only place to get insane shots? We think they might be having too much fun over there…


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