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Vitara 2nd Gen Vehicle Specifications

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Vitara -Introduced in 1999 Available in 2 and 4-door hard and softtop models. economically fitted with a 2.0 liter I-4 engine. vitara_2door_01_137.jpg (8531 bytes) GENERAL Vehicle Type Two-Door, Soft Top EPA Vehicle Class Sport-Utility Powertrain Layout      (2WD) Front Engine, Rear-Wheel Drive      (4WD) Front Engine, Rear/Four-Wheel Drive Body Structure Ladder Frame with Boxed Rails Body Material Steel, Body-on-Frame Seating Capacity Four SUSPENSION Front Independent MacPherson Strut, coil springs, stabilizer bar Rear Five-Link Coil Spring, Solid Axle STEERING Type Power Assisted Rack-and-Pinion Ratio 20.5:1 Turning Diameter, Curb-to-Curb 31.5 ft. (9.9m) Turning Radius 15.8 ft. (5.0m) Number of wheel turns stop to stop (power) 3.8 BRAKES Type Power / Hydraulic Front Ventilated Disc Rear Drum Parking Brake Lever-hand operated WHEELS AND TIRES Wheel Type Steel or Aluminum Alloy Wheel Size 15 in.(1.6L) / 16 in. (2.0L) Tire – Type All-Season, Steel-Belted Radial Tire – Size 195/75R15 (1.6L 2WD) 205/75R15 (1.6L 4WD) 215/65R16 (2.0L) Spare Size Full-Size RESTRAINT SYSTEM Airbags Driver and Front Passenger Safety Belts Three-Point Front and Rear ENGINE Type 1.6 Liter, 16-Valve, SOHC 2.0 Liter, 16-valve, DOHC Block Material Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy Induction System Multi-point Electronic Fuel Injection MPFI Displacement 97 cu. in. 122 cu. in. Horsepower (SAE net) 97 hp @ 5,200 rpm 127 hp @ 6,000 rpm Torque (SAE net) 103 lb.-ft. @ 4,000 rpm 134 lb.-ft. @ 3,000 rpm Bore x Stroke 2.95 in. x 3.54 in. 3.31 X 3.54 Compression Ratio 9.5:1 9.7:1 DRIVETRAIN (Manual Transmission) Transmission Type Five-Speed, Synchronized Clutch Type Disc Gear Ratios: 1.6 Liter 2.0 Liter      1st 3.652 3.652      2nd 1.947 1.947      3rd 1.379 1.379      4th 1.000 1.000      5th 0.795 0.777      Reverse 3.670 3.670 Transfer gear ratios      Low (4WD) 1.816 1.816      High 1.000 1.000 Differential Ratio 4.875 4.875 DRIVETRAIN (Automatic Transmission) Transmission Type Four-Speed with Overdrive Torque Converter Lock-Up Gear Ratios: 1.6 Liter 2.0 Liter      1st 2.826 2.826      2nd 1.493 1.493      3rd 1.000 1.000      4th 0.730 0.689      Reverse 2.703 2.703 Transfer gear ratios      Low (4WD) 1.816 1.816      High 1.000 1.000 Differential Ratio 5.125 5.125 CAPACITIES 1.6 Liter 2.0 Liter Engine Oil 4.2 U.S. qts. (4.0L) 5.2 U.S. qts. (5.0L) Fuel Tank 14.8 U.S. gal. (56L) Engine Coolant 5.7 U.S. qts. (5.5L) 6.8 U.S. qts. (6.5L) AutomaticTransmission Fluid 7.3 U.S. qts. (6.9L) 7.5 U.S. qts. (7.1L) Transmission Oil      Manual (2WD) 2.0 U.S. qts. (1.9L)      Manual (4WD) 1.6 U.S. qts. (1.5L) Differential Gear Oil      Front 1.1 U.S. qts. (1.0L)      Rear 2.3 U.S. qts. (2.2L) Transfer Gear Box Oil 1.8 U.S. qts. (1.7L) Towing 1000 lb EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS Wheelbase 86.6 in. Tread Width      Front 57.5 in.      Rear 57.5 in. Overall Width (Body) 67.5 in. Overall Length 150.2 in. Overall Height 66.3 in. (1.6L) 66.5 (2.0L) Minimum Running Ground Clearance 7.7 in. Approach Angle 1.6L 29.8o (2WD) 31.5o (4WD) 2.0L 31o (2WD) 32o (4WD) Departure Angle 1.6L 26.5o (2WD) 28o (4WD) 2.0L 27.4o (2WD) 28.3o (4WD) INTERIOR DIMENSIONS Headroom (front/rear) 40.9 / 39.5 in. Legroom (front/rear) 41.4 / 35.9 in. Shoulder Room (front/rear) 53.0 / 52.6 in. Hip Room (front/rear) 50.6 / 46.8 in. Rear Cargo      Length 36.6 in.      Width 42.5 in.      Height 37.2 in. EPA Cargo Index (Rear Seat Up/Down) 9.9/33.7 cu. ft. Interior Volume 96.8 cu.ft. WEIGHTS JS JX Curb Weight (2WD) (4WD) Automatic 2635 lbs. (1.6L) 2723lbs. (2.0L) 2756 lbs. (1.6L) 2844 lbs. (2.0L) Manual 2601 lbs. (1.6L) 2690 lbs.(2.0L) 2723 lbs. (1.6L) 2811 lbs. (2.0L) Gross Vehicle Weight 3373 lbs. (1.6L) 3483 lbs.(2.0L) 3483 lbs. (1.6L) 3593 lbs.(2.0L) Gross Axle Weight      Front 1499 lbs. (1.6L) 1587 lbs.(2.0L) 1587 lbs. (1.6L) 1675 lbs. (2.0L)      Rear 2028 lbs. (1.6L) 2050 lbs.(2.0L) 2050 lbs. (1.6L) 2072 lbs.(2.0L) EPA FUEL ECONOMY ESTIMATES JS JX Manual (City / Highway) 25/28 (1.6L) 22/24 (2.0L) 25/27 (1.6L) 22/24 (2.0L) Automatic (City / Highway) 25/27 (1.6L) 23/25 (2.0L) 24/27 (1.6L) 23/25 (2.0L) Estimated Highway Range (5 spd. manual) 414.4/355.2 399.6/355.2


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