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‘Zukfari Fall Classic – Central Oregon High Desert Adventure Event

ZUKIWORLD ‘Zukfari Fall Classic Adventure November 21st thru 23rd 2014

Hello Adventure Enthusiasts!

Here’s a rough itinerary, a couple of requests, and instructions for those that are planning on coming on this year’s ZUKIWORLD FALL CLASSIC! The first thing to do would be to read over the previous adventures and see if you’re up to being cold and dirty for three days and to see if this trip would be something that would interest you. Things will evolve more as we get closer to the go date so if you’re interested make sure and stay tuned here for more specific updates.

Go to the Forum to discuss please. http://www.zukiworld.com/forum/zukiworld-adventure-series/zukfari-fall-classic-november-21st-thru-23rd-2014-information-and-sign-up/ 

 We will be providing a limited number of commemorative ZUKIWORLD ‘Zukfari t-shirts and a reception / BBQ for participants.

Where – LaPine and Ft. Rock, Oregon High Desert Adventure
When – During the weekend of November 21st thru 23rd, 2014 … Come early, Stay late, ride with us, it’s up to you.
Who – Self-sufficient Suzuki enthusiasts that would like to get together and spend some “quality time” with like minded people
Leader(s) – Eric A.K.A. ebewley will be organizing this activity.  As always, more volunteers and good ideas always welcome
What – Traditional Fall Classic action. Please review the ‘information thread’ listed above and read previous articles for history. This year we’ll probablyskip the dunes again we may also break camp and head further east on the second day. There will be a strong push to explore a different area. More details to come… 

Who’s In:
Last update 3/13/2014

E. Bewley | Sidekick – Portland, OR
D. Cappell | XL7 – Newberg, OR
M. Verley | Samurai – Seaside, OR
G. Faust | Sidekick – Tualatin, OR
V. Mueller | Sidekick – Shaw, OR


Go to the Forum to discuss please. http://www.zukiworld.com/forum/zukiworld-adventure-series/zukfari-fall-classic-november-21st-thru-23rd-2014-information-and-sign-up/ 


Previous Trips for reference….

2011 – CENTRAL OREGON – Bigger and better than ever best describes this year’s Fall Classic. A bigger crowd combined with more snow and lower than usual temperatures created a memorable and we think “better” experience for all Fall Classic participants. Excitement ensued even before we started as extremely treacherous road conditions forced a couple of participants into the ditch before the rendezvous point in LaPine. Dennie and Carolyn received the worst of it as their two door hard top Sidekick ran afoul of the icy roads and ended up on it’s side. Not to have their spirits dampened by the crash, they flipped their rig back over on the wheels and continued on and were not even late to the meeting spot.

2010 – Fort Rock, OR – As stated by the immortal Bill and Ted, “Excellent!” would be the one word to describe this year’s event. There seemed to be a coming together of elements that made this adventure a real hootenanny. The weather as always was unpredictable but this year gave us a real treat by covering us in snow and staying cold enough so that we didn’t get too wet, the return of our good friend and Zukiworld Staff member, Zig, attempting and succeeding in one of his cross country road trips, the night-time adventures of Davey and crew, the geocache finding and the planting of new, and the land itself gave all who dared to join us a wonderful and memorable time.

2009 – CHRISTMAS VALLEY, OR – This year we decided to schedule our Fall Classic adventure run a couple of weeks earlier than we have in the past to take advantage of better weather. Ironically, this year showed us the most snow and the coldest temperatures we have seen. Spirits were not dampened however, and everyone had a great time exploring both on foot and in our vehicles this wondrous area

2007 – BEND, OR – Late in the summer is not usually a time when one wants to go out wheeling in the desert. Temperatures can be quite inhospitable. Water is scarce making trails very dusty and unpleasant. These are just a couple of things that we expected when we headed out to central Oregon on a weekend adventure. What we didn’t count on, was several aggressive hives of bees. More on that later..

2006 – FT. ROCK, OR – The “Fall Classic” more than just delivered on expectations with cold weather, open trails, and spectacular views it overwhelmed us with great views, extremely open trails and very cold weather. We were fortunate enough to have our good friend Zig along for the trail ride as well. The Christmas Valley dunes were quite welcoming as always and for the first time we were able to take the trail down to the center of the “hole in the ground” geological feature. 

2004 – CHRISTMAS VALLEY, OR –  Last fall Eric invited me out to Oregon to ride in the season finale Adventure Series ride of 2004. He was planning a trip from LaPine to Christmas Valley in mid-November. I had read the Zukiworld article on a previous trip to the same area and definitely wanted to go along on this adventure.

2002 – LAPINE, OR -Our concluding adventure for the 2002 Adventure Series was an exciting event with several new faces signed up to brave the cold weather in hopes of seeing something new and interesting. We had a total of 11 vehicles for this ‘wagon train of discovery.’ Our plan was to visit South Ice Cave, Cabin Lake, Ft. Rock, Derreck Cave, Hole in the ground, Christmas Valley Dunes, The Lost Forrest, and Crack in the Ground. This was a pretty ambitious schedule considering we only had 2 1/2 days which were shortened by the winter season to about 8 hours of daylight.



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