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ZUKIWORLD Reviews: Calmini’ 6″ Combo Lift Kit part 2.


Calmini’s 6″ Combo Lift Kit,  There’s More Then Just Clearance To Gain. -Junior

Continued. —Next unbolt the gas tank’s filler hose from the body.  Cutting and extending of the filler hose and replacement of the vent tube is require. Calmini provides the necessary hardware for this.

Dscn0251_small.jpg (10936 bytes)

Gas tank Filler hose

Dscn0448_small.jpg (8852 bytes)

W/extension added

Dscn0236_small.jpg (8436 bytes)

e-brake cable

Here we’re loosening the emergency brake cables. Don’t forget to properly adjust before test-driving.

We’re almost ready to lift the car. Using Calmini’s instructions, identify the steering column in your application. In our case we decided to add power steering and opted to install a later model’s steering column. We acquired that steering column from the power steering donor vehicle. This eliminated our need to extend the existing steering column. Now it’s time to lift the vehicle.

Once the body has been lifted enough to install the required hardware, begin placing each body mount in it’s receptive locating. Using the 2″ square tube and 1″ machined aluminum ‘pucks’ we placed them in the shown configuration. This is repeated six times. Calmini provides new hardware so be sure to use it.

Dscn0211_small.jpg (7839 bytes)

Forward mount

Dscn0210_small.jpg (8152 bytes)

Mid mount

Dscn0213_small.jpg (8564 bytes)

Rear Mount


For purchase information on this lift and many other fine CALMINI product, visit them at: www.calmini.com

**PIC 0209**

The front mount uses the larger black fiber blocks as shown.  Note the triangular hole we had to cut in the frames body mount base. This gave us access to the stock, and rusted, nuts welded to the inside of this chamber. It may not be necessary for you to have to do this. Ours were so bad the welds let go when we tightened the bolts.

Dscn0208_large.jpg (85674 bytes)

Here’s what it looks like with 32’s and just a body lift.

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