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Fort Rock, OR – As stated by the immortal Bill and Ted, “Excellent!” would be the one word to describe this year’s event. There seemed to be a coming together of elements that made this adventure a real hootenanny. The weather as always was unpredictable but this year gave us a real treat by covering us in snow and staying cold enough so that we didn’t get too wet, the return of our good friend and Zukiworld Staff member, Zig, attempting and succeeding in one of his cross country road trips, the night-time adventures of Davey and crew, the geocache finding and the planting of new, and the land itself gave all who dared to join us a wonderful and memorable time. The Fall Classic – High Desert Adventure    

MOAB, UT – This was the 45th anniversary for the Easter Jeep Safari currently being held and organized by the Red Rock 4-Wheelers. The ‘Zukfari had taken a break in 2010 but now it was time to go back to an awesome environment and enjoy the trails, people, and places of Moab. This year we kept the schedule light as to allow for flexibility and the unexpected. We did manage to run several excellent trails, old favorites and some new, and saw some new faces as well as some familiar ones. Day one of the ‘Zukfari had Mike leading one of the premier must-ride trails in Moab; the Moab Rim. Click for more Zukiworld ‘Zukfari

CORVALLIS, OR – The Suzuki Grand Vitara has received well deserved tweaks to it’s platform which is now going on it’s fifth model year.  Suzuki Grand Vitara review…

GOLDENDALE, WA – The top four teams arrived at the Starvation Ridge race track ready to do battle. At stake is the coveted Zukiworld Challenge 2010 points series championship and victory for two rounds of racing action. It had been a year since the returning teams had seen this track and because it had changed so much during their absence there was really no advantage for veteran teams over the newer entries. Double Down in the Desert Race

GOLDENDALE, WA – The season opener of the Zukiworld Challenge opened at the famous Eddieville motor cross track just south of Goldendale, Washington. What a difference a year makes as the field was much more competitive and all of the teams, including three new ones, not only completed the race but demonstrated a racing pace that was significantly faster than previously seen. Suzuki Desert Racing… 

CHRISTMAS VALLEY, OR – This year we decided to schedule our Fall Classic adventure run a couple of weeks earlier than we have in the past to take advantage of better weather. Ironically, this year showed us the most snow and the coldest temperatures we have seen. Spirits were not dampened however, and everyone had a great time exploring both on foot and in our vehicles this wondrous area. The Fall Classic – Overland Adventure Event.

TILLAMOOK STATE FOREST, OR – We celebrated our 11th year of fun and frolic in the Tillamook State Forest off-highway vehicle park by wheeling with good friends on familiar trails made fun by an ample dose of rain. This year we took the opportunity to give back a little bit to the forests by adding a trail cleanup to each of the groups. PowerFest Suzuki 4×4 trail ride, gathering and Trail Cleanup.

PORTLAND, OR – The new Suzuki Kizashi demonstrates a bold step forward for a company with economy and value perceived as it’s primary focus. The Kizashi builds on those sensible values and elevates by adding ideals of driver enthusiasm and passion. The All new Suzuki Kizashi

FORT BIDWELL, CA – There are places in the outback of the western US that are simply amazing for a myriad of reasons. We brave travelers seized the opportunity to experience this wonderful place and were greatly rewarded for our efforts. California outback overland adventure

MOAB, UT – Great weather, exploration of new trails, and great people made this year’s event a plain old hootenanny. …. seem to really be appreciative and feel fortunate to be there. ZUKIWORLD ‘Zukfari for Suzuki Enthusiasts

Zukiworld Challenge  The newly-formed ZUKIWORLD Challenge was a single class of racing that helped to fill the race weekend. First Race ever! Suzuki Spec Class Desert Racing. 

NASHVILLE, TN – Those of you who followed the Project Godzuki Resurrection thread in the forum and on the home page know that I shipped my Sidekick out to Liberty Overland to get an over haul. Ground up Solid Axle V6 Suzuki Sidekick Build

SAN ANTONIO, TX – If you’re going to launch a new pickup truck, what better a place to do it from than the self-proclaimed home of the pickup truck, Texas. We joined American Suzuki Motor Corporation at an impressive ranch just outside of San Antonio. The Knibbe ranch is a cattle ranch that has been owned and operated by the Knibbe family for well over 100 years and the pride and caring they show for their ranch and guests is inspiring. There were two main agenda items to tackle during the short time we were there. First, the newly redesigned Grand Vitara and the new release of the Suzuki Equator pickup.   Click here for more.  

MOAB, UT – An early date and dark skies did not dampen the spirits of the hardy ZUKIWORLD traveler. This year’s Easter Jeep Safari may have been down on attendance but ‘Zukfari enthusiasts stayed strong and helped contribute to the most successful charity raffle we have held yet where we set a new record for the dollar amount raised. Oh, and the wheeling was great too! Early in the week we were treated to some very stormy weather. Rain, sleet, and snow didn’t stop the faithful from having a great time. Click Here for more.

2008 ZUKIWORLD ‘Zukfari Sponsors THANK YOU!

CAMP VERDE, AZ – Myron Thorson owner of Zuks Off Road has been in the process of creating some great new and inventive products for Suzuki enthusiasts. We recently had a chance to welcome his company to the ZUKIWORLD family and to find out a bit more about his company in a short Q&A session. Click here for more. 

CHICAGO, IL – To bolster its versatile and dynamic product line, enhance the company’s bold and adventurous brand identity and further expand the growing line of products marketed by approximately 500 Suzuki dealers nationwide, American Suzuki Motor Corp. debuts its all-new 2009 Equator midsize pickup truck at this year’s Chicago Auto Show. The introduction of the Equator marks Suzuki’s first entry into the midsize pickup truck market and expands the company’s offering of activity-oriented cars and trucks. Click here for more.  

Cookeville, TN – Fondest Memories and New Beginnings – Over the past 13 years, I have enjoyed my favorite hobby in the same trusty vehicle, my 1989 Suzuki Sidekick. She was nicknamed ‘Godzuki’ by my fellow club members, not for its size, but for its surprising abilities. Click here for more. 

BROWN’S CAMP, OR – A large group of Suzuki enthusiasts descended upon the Tillamook State Forest to once again celebrate their unrivaled passion for Suzuki vehicles and their 4×4 sport. Followers came from as far away as Canada to enjoy the camaraderie, liquid sunshine (rain), and trails that this part of Oregon has to offer during this time of the year. Click here for more!

FOREST LAKE, MN. — Church outings are about cake walks and pancake breakfast’s right? Not always.  Click here for more!

BEND, OR – Late in the summer is not usually a time when one wants to go out wheeling in the desert. Temperatures can be quite inhospitable. Water is scarce making trails very dusty and unpleasant. These are just a couple of things that we expected when we headed out to central Oregon on a weekend adventure. What we didn’t count on, was several aggressive hives of bees. More on that later… Click here for more.

HEBER CITY, UT – Rocky Road Outfitters has been in the business of supplying out door adventure buffs and 4×4 ‘nuts’ since 1997. Continually growing in size until they had out grown there previous shop and endeavored to build a new facility with the room needed for their continuing success. Click here for more. 

Paisley, OR – After fueling up the tanks and getting last minute supplies, the group headed out towards the unknown. The adventure, however, started many miles before we left the pavement with the insidiously injected idea of obtaining a rare gem stone that people travel for thousands of miles and work for hours upon hours to find. Click here for more.

Detroit Lake, OR – Each year, the Mid Valley Crawlers 4-Wheel drive club joins forces with some great organizations to give back to our forests that we so enjoy spending time in. Click here for more.

ALSEA, OR – The Mid-Valley Crawlers held another great trip as usual. We met up at Safeway then headed to the Corvallis DMV to unload the several trailers. After doing a few pavement miles and cruising through the bird sanctuary, please let the Geese do the honking, we started hitting the logging roads in search of trails. Click here for more.

MOAB, UT. —ZUKIWORLD was pleased to once again be able to host the ‘Zukfari event held during the Easter Jeep Safari week. Easter Jeep Safari or EJS is the nation’s largest and most exciting congregation of 4×4 enthusiasts. Drivers, passenger, and spectators travel from all parts of the globe to enjoy Utah’s wonderful atmosphere. Click here for more.  


COACHELLA, CA – Each year around the first weekend of March the Tierra Del Sol 4×4 club of San Diego holds their annual Desert Safari & Raffle. This year was the 44th annual event and has grown to be a very large gathering that attracts anything and everything that will run in the dirt.  Each year the club members of Tierra Del Sol set up a great event to host on average 10,000 or so dirt playing enthusiasts. Click here for more.  

SALEM, OR – After years of driving a Samurai on the trail, enthusiast Jason Hoff recently put together a nice, clean, and trail ready Sidekick. We had a chance to sit down with him and his new vehicle for a few minutes and ask him a few questions. Click for more.

FT. ROCK, OR – The “Fall Classic” more than just delivered on expectations with cold weather, open trails, and spectacular views it overwhelmed us with great views, extremely open trails and very cold weather. We were fortunate enough to have our good friend Zig along for the trail ride as well. The Christmas Valley dunes were quite welcoming as always and for the first time we were able to take the trail down to the center of the “hole in the ground” geological feature. Click here for more.

BREA, CA – American Suzuki has been very busy the past year bringing new product to market and also new concept vehicles into the arena of ideas. From the beefy “Dune” concept Grand Vitara to a sporty Xbox inspired “SXbox” SX4, Suzuki has been pumping out some great new concepts. Click here for more. 

COCO BEACH, FL -I have been reading this forum for a while and decided to buy a ’95 Tracker tin top to do some moderate off roading and to tow behind my motor home. To give you some background, I live on the beach in Florida, not your normal off road heaven. If you can find a place, it is usually flat and sandy. Click here for more.

TILLAMOOK, OR – A short notice didn’t slow down this year’s crowd of Suzuki enthusiasts. Beautiful conditions made for a stellar day of wheeling and whimsy. Several new faces were seen and new friendships created during the eight hour gathering in the TSF, Brown’s Camp OHV recreational area. Click here for more.

NACHES, WA – June in Washington is always a delight and the only thing that could make it better would be to have a group of good friends together for an adventure and wheeling fun. Our plan was to make a three day trip out of wheeling the Naches area. This is in no way enough time to explore and enjoy all this area has to offer. Click for more 

MOAB, UT. — Awe yes! Fantastic weather and great friends graced this year’s ZUKIWORLD ‘Zukfari. The must attend Easter Jeep Safari hosted by the Red Rock 4 Wheelers, the Bureau of Land Management, and the City of Moab was as successful as ever with large displays downtown, an even larger arena show which was bursting at the seams with vendors and their displays, and of course great trail riding both guided and non. Click for more 


CORVALLIS, OR -Tommy’s Restaurant, rumored to have “killer omelets.”   Five Samurai with eight enthusiasts met for a leisurely, low key run into the nearby Coast Range Mountains.  The idea was started earlier in the month when the editor and a few Zukiworld participants realized they would all be on vacation. click here for more. 

SAND CREEK, WI. —ZUKIWORLD traveled to Apple Valley Farms home site for the famous RPM4x4 club. The purpose; to “hang out” and to wheel some new terrain. We had heard a lot about the trails at the farm and have seen pictures and video of the land but it’s just not the same as being there and experiencing it. So, off we went to meet up with our good friends Mike, Chunk, and Zig who drove up from Tennessee. Click here for more.

Vancouver, BC – August found us at the Suzuki North American Press Launch for the new 2006 Grand Vitara. This new completely redesigned model is the third generation of this line of automobile first named the Sidekick in the N. American market which was then changed to Vitara in 1999 with the introduction of the second generation. Setting their sites on the Toyota RAV-4 and the Honda CRV, Suzuki has created a very competent and value packed model that has many improvements over the previous model. Click here for more.


MOAB, UT. —The site of the 39th annual 2005 Easter Jeep Safari was a little different this year in it’s weather and in the town’s reception of the more that 15,000 visitors that descended on the small tourist town to enjoy another great year of wheeling with their friends and families. Nonetheless, the trails and camaraderie were at an all time high as the ZUKIWORLD ‘Zukfari motored on for another successful year of events and wheeling. Click here for more.

POWELL BUTTE, OR -If a combination of built rigs, huge rocks and good rock-n-roll sounds appealing to you, you need to watch this video. Rockaholic Run is the latest creation from DonkeyWorx. Click for more.

New Auburn, WI. -I recently had the privilege of a weekend, Working and Wheeling RPM style. The week before I gave Mike Hagen a call to find out what unusual parts I would need to round up to install my recently purchased Currie Ford 9”. As we went through the list he mentioned that I ought to come up for an upcoming ride they were having the following weekend. It definitely struck my interest, and when he said that we could work on installing the axle when he was not “working” the event, I started making plans. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

Boulevard, CA -If you take the I-8 around 80 miles east of the hustle and bustle of San Diego CA there is a sleepy town nestled in the hills and rocks of the surrounding high desert called Boulevard. The terrain surrounding Boulevard is dry, hot, and covered with scrub brush and residual boulders which is a perfect setting for a CALROCS rock crawling competition. Click here for more.

BREA, CA. – Suzuki is on the move with new products and growing sales that underscore the company’s position as America’s best value.  For 2005, Suzuki’s product line of cars and SUVs is joined by two new additions, the stylish five-door Reno and the European-designed Forenza Wagon.  The Reno and Forenza Wagon are the third and fourth in a series of nine new vehicles Suzuki will debut to triple its sales to 200,000 vehicles by 2007. Click here for more.

PARADISE VALLEY, NV. -ZUKIWORLD’s 2004 Adventure Series’ next stop placed it’s participants in probably the most desolate, unpopulated, and rugged areas in the U. S. if not, North America. We were treated to real old west ruins, abandoned World War 2 era mines and equipment, as well as modern day mining operations. Click for more

HAZELTON, PA. -Hello, NYSIDEKICKER here, giving a brief overview of my first true off-road experience in my zuke. The excitement was long before I even left New York, I had wanted to go in 2003 but I talked myself out of it. Click for More

EVAN’S CREEK, WA -Awe springtime… Birds chirping, flowers blooming, and hey, there should still be snow at Evans Creek! For those of you that know the Evans Creek area, you know that without snow it can be pretty easy going. The only time I like to go to Evans is in the winter or spring. Click here for more.

MOAB, UT. —Let’s face it, the weather this year during the Easter Jeep Safari was less than desireable. However, this didn’t keep the scores of rabid enthusiasts away from attending another record breaking and fantastic week of wheeling in the southern Utah desert. Click here for more.

ALSEA, OR -Adding the Trail Tough YJ Suspension kit to our project Samurai gave us an unique opportunity to involve our ZUKIWORLD forum readers. The kitted Samurai, having been put through it’s paces the previous month, was ready to go. All we needed was a few volunteers.

MEDFORD, OR. -Trail Tough products have been making great products for Suzuki vehicles for several years now and we have seen several Trail Tough equipped vehicles on the trails around the North West and have always been impressed with their performance. So when we decided to embark on a new Samurai project vehicle, the choice for suspension was clear. Click here for more.

SWEET HOME, OR. -Many years ago, everyone around Oregon went to the Foster Mud Flats event in Foster Oregon when the Army Corps of Engineers drained Foster Lake making room for Spring snow melts. This event went by the wayside when the Army Corps of Engineers due to environmental concerns quit issuing permits for the event.  The Santiam 4WD Association has replaced the Foster event with the Mountain Mud Festival. Click here fore more.

HAZELTON, PA  -This was the third year for the Suzuki 4×4 event called GONZOOKIN. In the winter of 2000 a group of Suzuki enthusiasts decided the North East Suzuki owners needed a large event closer to home.  Click here for more. 

SUTHERLIN, OR. —The HAZ-FEST is an event put on by a local land-owner proclaimed by their website to be for the common wheeler. What we found was a lot of mud spittin’ and axle twistin’ action and a strong Suzuki showing. Click here for more.

ALBANY, OR. —The year 2003 will be remembered as one of great adventures, events, technological improvements, and people. We were very fortunate this year to cover and participate in many great events. There were many new products offered to Suzuki enthusiasts that continue to push the sport farther ahead. Click here for more.

ALBANY, OR. —Project Kicker XL has received a huge boost from our friends at Calmini Products. We had their new Solid Axle Swap kit for Sidekick installed on our project vehicle and have been fortunate enough to put it through it’s paces for the last few months. We will make no bones about it, this new kit is revolutionary and will change the Sidekick / Tracker aftermarket landscape. Click here for more.

BAKERSFIELD, CA —CALMINI mfg. concludes their project Vitara Extreme with the installation of a 2.5 liter Grand Vitara engine. Click here for more.

RENO, NV —We were planning our yearly trip to Easter Jeep Safari when we learned of the RCAA (Rock Crawlers Association of America) event in Reno the weekend before Easter Jeep Safari. We couldn’t miss this opportunity to spend some time up close and personal watching one of the fastest growing off road sports. Click here

SPRINGFIELD, OR —Sky from Sky’s Offroad Design has created a smokin’ functional Samurai featuring all of his new products available for the Samurai. Click here for more.

LIVERPOOL, UK. —When I was asked by Dave Jones if I fancied a trip down to meet some of the RhinoRiders gang at an off-road site called the Woodlands, I said “Why not?” Little did I know that it was a round trip of over 550 miles and that it would leave both of our trucks in the garage for repair… Click here for more.

MOAB, UT. —This year’s Moab extravaganza was bigger and better than ever. Our relaxed schedule gave us a chance to take in the ambiance that is, Moab. We seen Suzuki of all shapes and sizes conquering some of the most difficult yet enjoyable trails there is. Click here for more.

DEATH VALLEY, CA. —This year’s kick off to the 2003 Adventure Series was a blast. A full itinerary with wheeling every day had the group seeing something new and sometimes unbelievable each and every moment. Our first full day had us exploring the INYO mine located in Echo Canyon. Click here for more.

ALBANY, OR. —Meet G.I.Jane a Suzuki Samurai that flies in the face of the modern ‘bigger is better’ hack and slash  ideaology. A concept vehicle, if you will, that focuses on what makes a Samurai special to their owners and accentuates the positives of this rugged platform.

TSF, OR. —ZUKIWORLD travels to the Tillimook State Forest OHV park to tackle the newest, latest, and greatest trail to be built by the state and some local volunteers. The trail is called ‘Bone Crusher’ and that is for good reason. This is one of the hardest trails we’ve ever run and is sure to get better and better as time and travel occurs. Join us as we get to be the first to run the third leg of this exciting new trail.

BLACKFOOT, ID. —4B MotorSports Super Swift GT is South East Idaho’s mini-stock points leader this season. New products and Ideas put in place from Hawk Strictly Suzuki, CALMINI, and Hunzeker Chevrolet have helped this hard working team reach a high level of success. Click here for more.

COTTAGE GROVE, MN. —Michael Hagen has been through quite a few Sidekicks and has quite a winner here in this ’97 model. With a ton of tweeks and twists on this Sidekick, Mike is able to take his vehicle almost any where. Let’s take a peak at his rig, shall we?

Moab, UT. —A small group from Oregon, Utah, and California started out to tackle two of the more famous trails in Moab, Upper and Lower Helldorado. These two trails have not been officially entered into the trail system but you wouldn’t know that by the amount of traffic that always seems to be there. Many people drive straight to Upper to either watch the carnage or drive that short yet exciting trail. We decided to run both trails and make a nice full day out of it.

MOAB, UT —This year marked the 36th annual running of the Easter Jeep Safari an event that is unparalleled in any 4×4 circle. Each year thousands converge on the small town in Southeastern Utah. In recent times, the event has boasted some 1500 registered vehicles and another estimated 5,000 hangers-on, all celebrating the finesse of extreme four-wheeling. You’ll see virtually every type of wall-climbing 4×4 vehicle known to humankind, from rare Unimogs, to gigantic Hummers, to agile and ever growing in popularity Suzuki 4x4s. Click for article

DETROIT —Clearly, the Aerio’s most characteristic feature is its forward-thinking, distinctive exterior design, engineered for the growing segment of young buyers and trendsetters of all ages wanting to make a cutting-edge style statement. This group likes to lead and be ahead of the curve in everything they do – and this car fulfills that need and more.

BREA, CA. –The new GSX-R/4 is a Suzuki concept car designed to unite driver to machine in a way no other conventional sports car has done before. It offers nimble and direct drivability utilizing Suzuki’s motorcycle expertise in producing high-performance small engines and Suzuki’s weight-saving technologies developed as a manufacturer of compact automotive vehicles.

BREA, CA. –The new Formula Hayabusa is an excellent example of Suzuki’s advanced automotive and motorcycle engineering, and the firm’s ability to build affordable high-performance products. It’s easy to see this sleek, winged, open-wheel racing car, designed for a new Japanese one-make competition series, has four tires and a steering wheel, but its rear-engined heart wastransplanted from the most awesome street motorcycle ever built by Suzuki, the GSX1300R Hayabusa.

POCATELLO, ID —June 14th witnessed the unveiling of a powerful new-comer to the world of paved circle-track racing. The mini-stock class had long been ruled by mid-seventies Ford Mustangs and Pintos running 2.3 liter four cylinders. It’s time for a change. Check out 4B motorsports’ Suzuki Swift.

MOAB, UT —ZUKIWORLD joined with American Suzuki during the 2001 Easter Jeep Safari this past April, where we logged some 25 miles of off-roading. Being the first annual event, we were surprised by the draw. A respectable 20 rigs collected that morning where event shirts and lunches were handed out. This would prove to be one of the most complete model collections of any one brand we’d ever seen. From Grand Vitara to the one that started it all, the Samurai, we nearly had them all with the exception of Suzuki’s new XL-7.

MOAB, UT —ZUKIWORLD online returns from Moab Easter Jeep Safari and boydo we have a few things to share. Over the next few days be watching for the first of many releases from things like; Suzuki doing Upper-Helldorado, ZUKIWORLD and American Suzuki fun run, and some things we did that went well as well as some that didn’t. We have plenty to share, so don’t go far and do check back soon. SNEAK PEAK

RENTON, WA. —ZUKIWORLD online presents: Project Tricker Kicker. A from the ground up build up or a 1990 Suzuki Sidekick. Follow Junior as he builds this beautiful off-roader.

BAKERSFIELD, CA. —The special projects staff at CALMINI has another very special vehicle in the works. The “V6-VITARA.” This project vehicle will feature the 175HP V6 that is currently only available in Grand Vitara and XL-7 models.

LAS VEGAS, NV. —Our very own Junior road tests the new XL-7 for a weekend on the trails and byways of Nevada.

LAS VEGAS, NV. —The first look at American Suzuki Motor Corporation’s latest entry into the SUV market. The extra-large XL-7.

GRANTS PASS, OR. —Our Final installment as we follow Ted Holman from Vintage Suzuki as he builds a samurai from the ground up for exploring the rugged trails and scenic vistas of the NorthWest. Follow the complete story from beginning to end here.

BAKERSFIELD, CA. —The special projects staff at CALMINI does it again with the Heisman’s Trophy Special edition Grand Vitara.

VANTAGE, WA. —Suzuki Conquers the North West Rock Crawl Challenge. Samurai, SJ410, LWBSJ413, and LJ80 represented. On September 21st, competitors gathered from all parts of the North West including Canada to show all what they were made of. Converging on the small town of Vantage Washington for what was described as the toughest rock crawl course seen yet, all makes of four wheel drive vehicle was represented for a two day show down on the rocks.

GRANTS PASS, OR. —Our second installment as we follow Ted Holman from Vintage Suzuki as he builds a samurai from the ground up for exploring the rugged trails and scenic vistas of the NorthWest.

BREA, CA. —With some modern luxury SUVs stretching the limits of sheer size and practicality, Suzuki’s Grand Vitara Limited Edition takes a more right-minded approach. This Suzuki’s usefully sized, five-passenger, leather-lined interior brims with luxury and convenience equipment and its ruggedly elegant exterior styling makes it a class stand-out.

BAKERSFIELD, CA —The special projects staff at CALMINI manufacturing have done it again with the debut of their camoflauged Grand Vitara code named the ‘Duck Stalker.’

RENTON, WA —Don’t blink, or you’ll miss our six and half-minute installation of Draw-Tite’s trailer tow hitch. No kidding, this install took more time to brief the instructions then it did to install the hitch.

GRANTS PASS, OR. —Follow Ted Holman from Vintage Suzuki as he builds a samurai from the ground up for exploring the rugged trails and scenic vistas of the NorthWest.

PIKE’S PEAK, CO —The ‘Monster’ of the Mountain. Coming off his third victory in New Zealand’s Queenstown Gold Rush International Hill Climb, Nobuhiro ‘Monster’ Tajima sets his sights on not just winning Pikes Peak 2000, but breaking the record. With as many successes behind the wheel as Monster has had, it’s no wonder he’s become an international icon in both international hill climbing champions and Japanese motor sports.

SEATTLE, WA —ZUKIWORLD online road tests the 2000 Grand Vitara Limited Edition. No music, no lights, and no unveiling of the proverbial curtain for this showing. We didn’t give this tough-as-nails sport utility any special treatment despite it’s luxurious Limited Edition status. With V-6 power, shift on the fly four-wheel drive, and a full frame stretching the entire length, the Grand Vitara Limited Edition provides power and handling whether you’re on or off-road.

LOS ANGELES, CA —American Suzuki Motor Corporation makes a bold statement with the debut of their “California Dreaming” show vehicle, the Grand Vitara Platinum at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

DETROIT, MI —Carving out a unique product niche once more, American Suzuki Motor Corporation unveils its new concept vehicle, the XL6, at the North American International Auto Show.

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Fort Rock, OR – As stated by the immortal Bill and Ted, “Excellent!” would be the one word to describe this year’s event. There seemed to be a coming together of elements that made this adventure a real hootenanny. The weather as always was unpredictable but this year gave us a real treat by covering us in snow and staying cold enough so that we didn’t get too wet, the return of our good friend and Zukiworld Staff member, Zig, attempting and succeeding in one of his cross country road trips, the night-time adventures of Davey and crew, the geocache finding and the planting of new, and the land itself gave all who dared to join us a wonderful and memorable time. The Fall Classic – High Desert Adventure 

FOREST GROVE, OR – From humble beginnings where four Suzuki owners gathered 10 years ago at the sand shed just outside of Roger’s camp in February for a little fun and camaraderie to an event that draws participants from as far away as Alberta Canada, the ZUKIWORLD PowerFest hasn’t forgot it’s roots as a relaxed family outing where people get a chance to hang out and have a good time while they are wheeling some of the best 4x trails in the area. Click here for more!



CHRISTMAS VALLEY, OR – As long as can be remembered, we have never been more blessed with the most mild and gentle weather than that which we had for this adventure. This year brought a lot of familiar faces and some new adventurers too that decided to join us for fun. They certainly weren’t disappointed as this weekend could not have been more perfect for adventure. Click here for more!   

JOHNSON VALLEY, CA – For those of you who are not familiar with Johnson Valley area you might have heard of the infamous Hammer’s trails.  There is quite a bit to see and do in this valley and a small group from Zukiworld decided to go check out what this was all about. Click here for more.

FORT ROCK, OR – The fall classic always seems to be one of our favorite events every year. We always look forward to it and are never disappointed. We had a great turn out of hearty adventurers ready and willing to endure the challenging weather to experience the wonder and awe that this area provides. Click here for more.

MOAB, UT – Moab, a place where you see many things you don’t normally see during the course of an ordinary life. Sometimes strike you as different and one can not help but take notice. Other occurrences are more subtle and may need someone or something to draw your attention to it. Click Here for More.

FT. ROCK, OR – The “Fall Classic” more than just delivered on expectations with cold weather, open trails, and spectacular views it overwhelmed us with great views, extremely open trails and very cold weather. We were fortunate enough to have our good friend Zig along for the trail ride as well. The Christmas Valley dunes were quite welcoming as always and for the first time we were able to take the trail down to the center of the “hole in the ground” geological feature. Click here for more.  

Tillamook State Forest, OR. – It has been two years since the last Powerfest was held in the Pacific North West OHV wonderland known as Tillamook State Forest. This coupled with over two inches of rain and stormy clouds had us concerned that turn out would be low. Nothing could be further from the truth! Click here for more. 

JOHN DAY, OR -ZUKIWORLD tackles the final leg of the Oregon Back Country Discovery route with some hardy volunteers. Awesome scenery, incredible side attractions, and great weather made this trip one to be remembered. Amusingly referred to as the Corps of Discovery, Carl Beilstein files his report. Click here for more. 

HAZELTON, PA – Gonzookin is held each year at the Paragon Adventure Park. This year’s participants drove Suzuki vehicles in all states from bone stock to extremely modified. Known for it’s positive and supportive atmosphere, not even the rainy weekend could dampen the spirits of all who ventured to this great event. click here for more.

CHRISTMAS VALLEY, OR –  Last fall Eric invited me out to Oregon to ride in the season finale Adventure Series ride of 2004. He was planning a trip from LaPine to Christmas Valley in mid-November. I had read the Zukiworld article on a previous trip to the same area and definitely wanted to go along on this adventure. click for more

MOAB, UT -It was Tuesday in Moab and that means that Hawk Strictly Suzuki would be hosting a trail run on the Poison Spider Mesa Trail. Rick and Cindy Hawkins have been graciously hosting a trail run three years running and each year the crowd of participants grow as word gets.. click for more

MOAB, UT -Wednesday brings the much anticipated Calmini sponsored run on Golden Spike. Even though this is a lengthy trail, the obstacles and the quality time keep bringing people back in big numbers. For the fourth year in a row, Steve Kramer has hosted this special event. click for more

COOKEVILLE, TN – Cumberland Off-Road takes an annual fall ride at Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. Click Here For More

NACHES, WA. —ZUKIWORLD traveled to Washington state this summer as part of the Adventure Series to re-visit some of the exceptional trails that are offered in the Naches area just North and West of Yakima, Washington. We met up with a goup of rough and ready wheelers, some old friends, and some new faces and headed out looking to explore some of our favorite out back trails. click for more.

DEATH VALLEY CA. —This time of the year brings thoughts and longings of warmer weather and sunnier days. southern California is one of the best places to escape the winter blues and get your adventure fix to boot. Join us as we travel to Death Valley N.P. to explore the last mine that worked in this desolate place. Click here for more.

SILVER CITY, ID. —In an epic overland adventure the ZUKIWORLD crew and friends visited Silver City, Idaho. traversed the rugged Oregon territory West towards Fields, Oregon, the Steens Mountains, and the Alvord desert. Click here for more.

LAPINE, OR. —ZUKIWORLD online travels to central Oregon in the last of the 2002 Adventure Series events. Participants experienced snow, rain, freezing cold, dust, and beautiful natural wilderness. Click here for more.

LAKE TAHOE, CA. —ZUKIWORLD online covers the 2002 CALMINI customer appreciation run. An annual event that draws quite a crowd of Suzuki enthusiasts. Click here for exclusive coverage by Vintage Suzuki owner Ted Holman.

CARIBOU CITY, ID. —ZUKIWORLD online traveled to the once thriving gold mining town of Caribou City. Located in remote South Eastern Idaho on Caribou Mountain active mining claims, incredible views, open spaces, and wildlife treat recreationalist to some of the best untouched yet accessible wilderness Idaho has to offer.

BEND, OR. —The second part of the ZUKIWORLD’s Adventure Series has concluded with the Pine Mountain, Steen’s Mountain, and Alvord Desert loop. This 700+ mile round trip had the group seeing the Moons of Jupiter, rare and beautiful waterfoul, towering Mountains and Glacer carved canyons, and darn flat and windy deserts.

LAKE TAHOE, CA. —I just had time to unload my grocery getter off the trailer after the 1200 mile round trip to Bakersfield and Calmini when it was time to put it back on for the trip to South Shore Tahoe, California, our starting point for the 2001 Calmini Customer Appreciation Run...2001 Calmini Customer Appreciation Run…

CHESTERFIELD, ID. —Sara and I started our journey by heading west through familiar territory towards Chesterfield. During our youth, the miles and miles of mountain ridge trails, farmers’ access roads, and fire roads gave hours of entertainment. Today, we were going to visit this old ghost town and loop back with the goal of not seeing one single mile of pavement.

RILEY, OR —Join ZUKIWORLD online for the second leg of the Oregon Back Country Discovery route. A 950 mile trail that spans from the Oregon-California border to the Oregon-Washington border by means of gravel, dirt, mud, sand, and snow covered roads and trails. 

Tillimook State Forest, OR —This year’s Suzuki PowerFest IV drew avid Suzuki enthusiasts from as far away as Canada for what promised to be one of the largest Suzuki gatherings in the North West. 

MOAB, UT —ZUKIWORLD online tackles Upper-Helldorado during Moab Easter Jeep Safari. By the time Friday rolled around and most everyone was on their last day of Easter Jeep & Zuk-Safari, some didn’t really care if they broke. It’s their last chance to show it off and let it all hang out. Upper-Helldorado is known for breaking rigs and causing a fair amount of body damage. I mean come on, where else do you have to winch up a near vertical rock wall just to get off the trail.  

LAKE VIEW, OR.  —Several years ago, recreation departments from Oregon, California, and Washington put together a plan for a Backcountry Discovery Route that would encourage people to experience primitive camping while traveling along backcountry roads extending from Mexico to Canada. The plan included many of the most interesting sites in out of the way places. Then they found directions to connect all these places by dirt, gravel, cow paths, and as little asphalt as possible. The route avoids all the urban areas that stretch along I-5 corridor. More…

MOAB, UT. —When Steve Kramer from Calmini Products contacted me with an offer to give me a week at Moab in their Project Sidekick, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. With a five inch lift, 32″ Super Swampers, and some serious body armor to boot, I was sure to get into some serious offroading and have a good time doing it.

LAKE TAHOE, CA. —This years American Suzuki Association’s ‘Suzis on the Rocks’ gathering drew 38 Samurai enthusiasts from several states to the famous Rubicon trail.

YAKIMA, WA —On June 17th & 18th , thirteen fine specimens of the Suzuki Samurai from all over the Pacific Northwest gathered to meet and experience several of Washington State’s finest trails. This event is known as the ‘Butt-Stomper’ due to the intense amount and difficulty of the trails ran during this weekend event.

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D.I.Y. FORUM – D.I.Y. Contest Winner – How To Flip Your Sidekick/Tracker Front Strut Mounts. By Matt Oswald. Step by step instructions on getting more droop with your IFS front end.  Click Here for more.  

SAN DIEGO, CA. keywords: Sidekick, Tracker, 2 Inch lift, Suspension lift, – We recently purchased a 4 door Suzuki Sidekick to do battle against rising gas prices. This vehicle will be used as a daily commuter to work and can be used for camping trips and mild trail runs or a trip up to the local ski resort with out breaking the bank. Click here for more.


TOPEKA, KS keywords: Sidekick, Tracker, 2 Inch lift, Suspension lift, Calmini. -The first time I took my 97 Tracker out wheeling, I was piloting my trusty Tracker over a breaking ledge and my cross member met up with the rocks in a most unfavorable fashion. It was then, I quickly realized more ground clearance was needed. click for more.

SAN DIEGO, CA keywords: Sidekick, Tracker, 2 inch, Body lift, Sky Offroad Design. -Off we go here at ZUKIWORLD Online with another great Sidekick build-up project. One of the easiest and most affordable ways of getting some additional clearance for large tires is a body lift. click for more.

ALBANY, NYkeywords: Grand Vitara, Chevy Tracker, Part time four-wheel drive, DIY. -Here’s the situation, you are a proud owner of a Vitara, Grand Vitara (GV) or an XL-7, and want to make it better? In the process of making your ride better, the first thing you’ll find out is the front diff is pneumatically controlled to allow “shift-on-the-fly” capability. Click for more.

NICHOLSON, PA keywords: Sidekick, Tracker, Budget lift. -Difficult times have left me without my trusted Samurai and in need of a capable vehicle able to pre-run and be a part of GONZOOKIN and event that I have been extensively involved with since it’s inception in 2000. Click for more.

COTTAGE GROVE, MN keywords: Sidekick, Tracker, 2wd low, Rocky Road Outfitters. ——Mike Hagen installs and tests Rocky Road Outfitter’s new 2WD low Conversion Kit for the Sidekick. Click here for more.

BRENTWOOD, TN keywords: Sidekick, Tracker, Anvil, XL7 3rd member, Calmini. -Most people that have built their Sidekick for off-road use have encountered problems with the strength (or lack of) with the front driveline.  Once you have added oversize tires, lockers and lower gears, the half shafts are usually the first to break. Click here for more.

MOORES HILL, IN keywords: Sidekick, Tracker, DIY, Idler arm. ——Bill Lane shows us how he strengthened his Sidekick Idler arm. Click here for more.

SAN DIEGO, CA.keywords: Sidekick, Tracker, Grand Vitara 3rd member, GV, Richmond, R&P, Calmini, Hawk Strictly Suzuki, Leonard’s Offroad. ——Jason Hutchison adds might to his ’90 Sidekick. Lower gears, lockers, and steel parts to replace factory aluminum. Click here for more.

GRANTS PASS, OR. keywords: Sidekick, Tracker, Coil Spring Spacer, Wheeler’s Offroad  ——Wheeler’s Offroad is offering Coil Spring Spacers for the Sidekick. Click here for installation and review.

SPRINGFIELD, OR. keywords: Samurai, SJ413, Sierra, Light Tabs, Sky Offroad Design. ——Sky Manufacturing, has had their Samurai Light tabs for installing off-highway lights available. It seems one always needs more light when traversing the great expanses. We at ZUKIWORLD install these capable brackets and evaluate them here.

ALBANY, OR keywords:Sidekick, Tracker, Front winch bumper, Calmini. ——Armor for the Sidekick is paramount to a successful off-highway vehicle. This month we installed a CALMINI Sidekick front bumper. Click here for install and review.

CORVALLIS, OR keywords: Sidekick, Tracker, roof rack, Calmini.   —The only thing that can compare to receiving gifts on Christmas Morning is coming home to big boxes full of CALMINI off-road product leaning against your garage doors. We have had the opportunity to install and test out the CALMINI roof rack system for the Sidekick. Click here for more.

GRANTS PASS, OR. keywords: X-90, X90, 3 inch suspension lift, 3 inch body lift, front bumper, rear bumper, Calmini. ——Last month, Ted Holman introduced us to the buildup of his late son’s beautiful X-90. Follow along this month as we touch upon the technical details and goodies that were fabricated and installed on this X-90.

ALBANY, OR. keywords: Samurai, SJ413, Sierra, sloppy shifter fix, Hawk Strictly Suzuki. ——Hawk Strictly Suzuki has the final answer for those ‘sloppy shifter’ blues. We received an advanced kit to try out and would like to tell you about it. Click here for more.

CORVALLIS, OR. keywords: Samurai, SJ413, Sierra, rockcrawler gears, install, 5.8:1, Calmini —ZUKIWORLD online reviews CALMINI’s RockCrawler DL transfercase gears. Is lower better? The answer is, yes! We’ve ran these new gears through many tests and trials and they’ve past with flying colors.

CORVALLIS, OR. keywords: Samurai, Sidekick, SJ413, Sierra, Tracker, 1.6 8-vavle, 1.3, Weber, 40DCOE, Calmini, DIY. —A few time saving tips for initial set up of sidedraft carbs. Specifically, the Weber 40DCOE carburetor.

CORVALLIS, OR. keywords: SJ410, 5 inch lift, 1.8 Sidekick Sport, DIY, Calmini. -After two years collecting pieces and parts to make an awesome off-road exploration vehicle, we are now starting to build, fabricate, polish, and paint on this 1985 SJ410 Hard Top.

GRANTS PASS, OR.keywords:Sidekick, Tracker, 4-door, 6 inch combo, front winch bumper, rocker skids, Calmini. —Mr. Mutt was a finished project and I was left wondering what was offered for my next mehcanical adventure. The samurai had been everything that I had expected it to be but it was lacking in daily driver refinement. It rode well for a small 4×4 but for a day-to-day experience, the lack of options, the choppy ride, and the cramped interior had me wondering what would suit my needs next… 1996 4-door Sidekick

RENTON, WA. keywords: Sidekick, Tracker, 2 door, 6 inch combo, winch, Calmini —ZUKIWORLD online presents: Project Tricker Kicker. A from the ground up build up or a 1990 Suzuki Sidekick. Follow Junior as he builds this beautiful off-roader.

RENTON, WA.keywords:Sidekick, Tracker, 2 door, 6 inch combo, winch, Calmini —ZUKIWORLD online presents: Project Tricker-Kicker. This month, follow Junior as he installs the CALMINI 3 inch suspension kit.

RENTON, WA.keywords:Sidekick, Tracker, 2 door, 6 inch combo, winch, Calmini —ZUKIWORLD online presents: Project Tricker-Kicker. This month, follow Junior as he installs and reviews the CALMINI Sidekick skid plates.

GRANTS PASS, OR. keywords: Samurai, SJ413, Sierra, 5 inch combo, winch, Warn, Calmini. —Follow Ted Holman from Vintage Suzuki as he builds a samurai from the ground up for exploring the rugged trails and scenic vistas of the NorthWest.

hagen_cover.jpg (11241 bytes)

COTTAGE GROVE, MN. —Michael Hagen has been through quite a few Sidekicks and has built a winner here in this ’97 model. With a ton of tweeks and twists on this Sidekick, Mike is able to take his vehicle almost any where. Let’s take a peak at his rig, shall we?

OPERATION: ROCKSTAR -How far can you go with a Trackick? We thought this would be a good place to start exploring this question. Here is a project that will hopefully open the minds of many and spawn, at the very least, healthy discussion. Click for Part One.

In this second part we pick right back up with our builders in the shop for build days three and four. Click for Part Two.

This installement deals with the some tedious details of building a vehicle as well as the tubing work associated with building the roll cage and chassis. Click for Part Three.

All polished up and ready to go. The finale’ to project Rock Star. Click here fore more.  

  • The Orange rig is due for a makeover. Doing the project:RockStar project has kept me out of my orange rig all summer. From experience, I know the project:RockStar will spank the orange car all day long on the trail. The way I look at this is I need to make the orange rig good at some thing the project:RockStar is not good at. Click for more keywords: Sidekick, Tracker, dual a-arms, front suspension.

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CALMINI – Stainless Steel Try-Y header. NOW 100% STAINLESS STEEL Now, more than ever, the absolute best quality header made for the Samurai. This is the last header you will ever need to buy! Our brand new T.I.G. welded fully stainless exhaust header is designed for long-term heavy use. We use a THICK 3/8″ head flange that eliminates warping and leaks. It’s also port matched to work on the Suzuki’s rectangular exhaust port. Other headers use a round port. What does that match? The header also features a 02 sensor port at the 3-bolt flange. The CALMINI header adds horsepower and increases fuel economy. Installation of this kit is fast and easy with complete hardware and detailed instructions included. A great performance value for your dollar. Complete kit includes header, upper flange gasket, collector kit, lower flange gasket, hardware and installation instructions. Minor welding is required to connect the collector into the factory exhaust system.1986-95 SJ413 Samurai 1.3L SS700Y-S $229.95 

S.O.R.D. – Sky Manufacturing along with Rick Bricher is proud to introduce the Toyota axle conversion kit for the Suzuki Samurai. This kit allows the installation of a Toyota front axle under a Suzuki Samurai using Wrangler/Jeep YJ leaf springs. Jeep Springs are 2.5 inch’s wide, normal pack thickness is slightly over 1.250 inch’s. Kit allows installer to simply move Toyota spring perch eyes to Samurai width without massive reworking of existing axle housing. Kit consists of 1 weld on plate and spring perch, a top plate and u bolt flip plate, u bolts and hardware. Please specify what year front axle you are using as u bolts vary.
SUZ-TASK-001 Price-$115.

HAWK STRICTLY SUZUKI – While They Last! 0.030 over flat-top piston w/rings for Samurai 1.3 $79.95 Also available a few set of std. compression 1.3 Samurai pistons in various sizes w/o rings $49.95

TRAIL TOUGH – ‘Trail Slayer’ Samurai Coil Suspension Kit Want the ULTIMATE Suzuki Samurai all-purpose Buggy? Well here it is in easy to build kit form! Now you can take advantage of Trail Toughs’ years of professional Rock Crawling competition experience and design. Our ‘Trail Slayer’ series component kits will dominate the trail and leave the competition in the dust. This Samurai kit provides a 100′ wheel base and allows for tire sizes from 35′ to 42′. Huge articulation yet stable as a ROCK !! Item # KITCOIL-300 Price $3795.00

ZOR – This is the “THONG”! Suggested retail is $23 plus shipping. The newest product from ZOR, This trans shifter sheet has a 25 year warranty, made of solid brass. Gives your shifter a continuous solid shift and feel. The last sheet you will ever drop in your 5 speed Suzuki Samurai trans. Illustrated instructions. Comes with a new specially designed 3 point 15lb wavy washer. Full installation instructions are included. COST: $22.95 This price includes shipping & handling to the lower 48 states. 

EVIL TWIN – The “Evil Twin” Suzuki Samurai Twin Stick Kit gives you the unique option of independent control of two or four wheel drive while in high, neutral, or low range without having to guess what drive or range is selected in the transfer case. Evil Twin Stick
with shift boot $160.00 free shipping to lower 48 States!

PETROWORKS – The G.R.S. II rebuilt transfer case for the Samurai has a low-range gear ratio of 4.89:1. This makes it 115% lower than stock in low-range and 18% lower than stock in high-range. With stock ring & pinion gears (3.72:1), the G.R.S. II gives you a final drive ratio of 66:1. With 5.62:1 ring & pinion gears, you can have a final drive ratio of 100:1! Petroworks G.R.S. transfer cases are built with a “split H” shift-pattern, allowing for both 2WD and 4WD low-range. Advise us of the year of your vehicle and we will put the proper size flanges on your rebuilt transfer case! Brand New, ONE PIECE GEARS. No longer welded, even quieter than before! Made in Japan Complete GRS II $1040.00 plus a $250 Core for your old reusable case 

LONGMONT, CO. – Spidertrax is promoting and selling a book written by John Richardson titled “How to Modify Suzuki 4×4 for Serious Off-Road Action” ISBN: 1-904788-91-2. This book covers Suzuki history in brief, general vehicle modifications and repair practices, driving techniques, and specialized vehicles using Suzuki parts. Click for more. 

QUÉBEC, CANADA – Masterkit1 manufactures, sells and installs parts of a unique design for the purpose for completely transforming the look and practical use of the ’89 to ’98 Suzuki Sidekick, Vitara, Sunrunner, Geo Tracker, and GMC. Click for more 

EVERYWHERE, USA – AWD 4 All! Suzuki announces campaign to launch the most affordable all-wheel-drive car in America. During the month of August 2006, several SX4s will be driving all across America, making brief stops at more than 100 Suzuki dealerships, and we want you to be there! These SX4 campaign stops will feature:

Click for more. 

Longmont, CO – Spidertrax Inc. is a design and manufacturing company specializing in the production of off-road products. Since its incorporation in January of 1999, Spidertrax’s main goal has been to provide the off-road community with cutting edge products. Click here for more. 

MERLIN, OR  — Hawk Strictly Suzuki Special price on Driveline Spacers while they last, only 45 left scratch & dent 1″ driveline spacers with nuts & bolts $15.95 Specifiy 8 or 10mm bolts Call 1(888)SAMURAI today! 

SPRINGFIELD, OR —Sky’s Off Road Design has just released Over The Springs steering Kit and a new SPOA kit, the stage 2 which has the best parts and exactly what is required for a safe functional spring over conversion. Wrangler YJ Conversion Kit and 1.5 inch coil spacers for the sidekick platform. $40 pr Call them at 1(541)736-37431(541)736-3743

PARK CITY, UT —Rocky Road Outfitters, Samurai, Sidekick, Tracker, and Vitara Differential Guards. Rocky Road has come up with a new solution to this age-old problem. Call 888-801-7271888-801-7271 today!

HOUSTON, TX —Shrockworks has redesigned their popular ShrockBars Rock Sliders for Samurai. These new sliders are formed from laser cut plate steel and are CNC press brake bent for superior fit and finish. $220 Call (281) 797-5010(281) 797-5010

BAKERSFIELD, CA —Calmini Mfg. presents an all new, made in the USA Rockcrawler 5.14:1 Transfer Case Gear set. This kit provides a high range reduction of 18.3% and an awesome low range reduction of 127%. fits all ’86-’95 model Suzuki Samurai. Price $550.00 No core Call 1-800-345-33051-800-345-3305

MEDFORD, OR —Trail Tough has just released new 4.24:1 Rockmonster gears for the Suzuki Sidekick/Tracker  1991 to 1998 and the Suzuki Vitara and Grand Vitara 1999 to 2001 are here!  These gears are manufactured in Japan by the original equipment manufacturer. They provide the same 1 to 1 ratio in high range but your low range operation will be reducted by 134%. SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE OF $649.00 call 1-877-789-85471-877-789-8547 right now!

MERLIN, OR  — Hawk Strictly Suzuki has a terrific deal on bare engine blocks $50 and Remanufactured 1300 Performance engine block with rods, pistons, & rings bored to .020-.030 OR .040. thousandths $549.95 no core Call 1(888)SAMURAI today!

BREA, CA —American Suzuki Motor Corporation (ASMC) has just released their 2004 line up. Of note is the increased power offerings in the Aerio and the Vitara and the discontinuation of the 2-door Vitara. Click here for more.

PARK CITY, UT – Just released from Rocky Road Outfitters, the OTT Steering kit for high clearance applications. This new addition to the OTT family of steering components from Rocky Road allows the extra clearance needed Call 888-801-7271888-801-7271 today!

Seattle, WA – ARB USA has just released a new HID (High Intensity Discharge) driving light system by IPF that promises exceptional quality and performance at a cost that is considerably less than most other HID kits. Available through ARB USA as the IPF 900 HID system, these incredibly powerful auxiliary lamps will easily illuminate the road, trail and anything in between. With a visible range exceeding 1,000 feet and three times the light output of conventional halogen systems, the 900 HID illuminates the darkest of conditions with ease. Click here for more

DETROIT, MI —American Suzuki unveils the future of its legendary DNA – and its next motorcycle/car collaboration – when it debuts a racy red, rally-inspired concept vehicle Jan. 5 at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). CLICK HERE FOR MORE

BAKERSFIELD, CA —CALMINI Manufacturing has come out with another swinging product. Their new all-steel front axle housing called the Anvil. This new product is a must have for any hard core Sidekick enthusiast. CALMINI 1(800)345-33051(800)345-3305

BREA, CA —American Suzuki Motor Corporation (ASMC) announces the first-ever “presenting” sponsorship of the Heisman Memorial Trophy by its Automotive, Motorcycle and Marine divisions. 2002 marks the fourth year Suzuki has partnered with the Heisman Trophy and the Downtown Athletic Club (DAC), which created and annually presents the Heisman Trophy Award.

BREA, CA. –The new Formula Hayabusa is an excellent example of Suzuki’s advanced automotive and motorcycle engineering, and the firm’s ability to build affordable high-performance products. It’s easy to see this sleek, winged, open-wheel racing car, designed for a new Japanese one-make competition series, has four tires and a steering wheel, but its rear-engined heart wastransplanted from the most awesome street motorcycle ever built by Suzuki, the GSX1300R Hayabusa.

BREA, CA –Suzuki has poured on the power-and the standard features-in its comprehensive 2002 model line. With a family of vehicles that includes a compact sedan and wagon, plus a triple-threat of capable SUVs capped by the segment-defining XL-7, Suzuki can truly deliver on the company’s “It Fits” tagline.

BREA, CA. –Suzuki’s new XL-7 earned a place in the highest possible overall rating category for crash evaluations recently performed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The IIHS gave the seven-seat Suzuki an overall “good” rating in its 40-mph offset frontal impact test, which is a laboratory test that focuses on a specific type of accident.

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO. —Suzuki MotorSport driver Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima looked set to crack the elusive 10-minute barrier at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb this year. The wily Japanese racing veteran and three-time PPIHC champion had the fine touch to do it. Plus he had a very fast all-new Suzuki.

MOAB, UT.  —American Suzuki takes to Utah for some extreme offroad fun. Click here to visit there site. It’s the Woodstock, the Sturgis, and the Mecca for off-road four-wheeling: the Easter Jeep Safari, an annual festival drawing more than 10,000 off-road enthusiasts, in Moab, Utah.

NEW YORK, NY. —When Suzuki let the car out of the bag at the New York Auto Show, the Japanese automaker unveiled one of the most dramatic concept vehicles it has ever created. The car’s name, SX, stands for “Sport Crossover,” so called because the Suzuki combines thrilling sport sedan performance with SUV cargo-toting convenience.

BREA, CA. —American Suzuki announces the XL-7 Limited Edition model. With many added features this Sport Ute is bound to please.

Queenstown, New Zealand —Silverstone Race to the Sky ALL EYES ON SWEDISH RALLYCROSS CHAMPION Dominating European rallycross aged 54 is not normal, but then neither is rally legend Per Eklund’s 600hp Saab 9-3.   Swedish rallycross champion Per Eklund rates the US Pikes Peak race as his biggest achievement last year and has given notice that he wants to add New Zealand’s Silverstone Race to the Sky to his trophy cabinet. MORE...

BREA, CA. —American Suzuki’s sponsorship of the Trophy also created a first-ever opportunity for the public to vote for its choice for Heisman Trophy winner in Suzuki’s “You Choose the Winner” Heisman Sweepstakes. Read more:

BREA, CA. —American Suzuki continued its year-to-date sales increase into the third quarter, selling 5,052 units for the month of July, an 18-percent increase over July 1999 sales. 

BREA, CA. —American Suzuki is taking great strides toachieve sustainable growth in the U.S. Including a new flagship model — the XL-7 SUV. and new updates to the Vitara and Grand Vitara.

BAKERSFIELD, CA. —1999-2001 GRAND VITARA/VITARA/TRACKER 2.5″ SUSPENSION LIFT– The first and only kit of its kind. Kit features our ultra-high strength tubular replacement control arms and 4 heavy duty coil springs for maximum off road performance and chassis ground clearance.

BREA, CA. —Fuel for thought; Suzuki’s Vitara line bucks SUVs’ gas-guzzling trend. While record-high gas prices have Americans feeling the financial pinch this summer, the Suzuki Vitara line’s excellent fuel efficiency makes it a standout in the field of gas-guzzling SUVs.

BREA, CA. — American Suzuki Motor Corporation (ASMC) had a major presence at the Ducks Unlimited Great Outdoors Festival in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, August 18-20, awarding a Grand Vitara JLX and two Suzuki ATVs to the very lucky winners of the Ducks Unlimited Great Outdoors Suzuki-Auto Zone Sweepstakes.

NEW YORK, NY. —At the New York Auto Show, American Suzuki Motor Corporation accepted an Automotive Environmental Sensitivity (AMES) Award for its environmentally friendly 2000 Esteem Sedan.

BREA, CA —Citing power, performance and comfortable ride, the staff of Sports Truck Connection has awarded the Suzuki Grand Vitara with its Annual Light Truck And SUV Award (ALTAS Award) for Favorite Mini-SUV in its Class.

BREA, CA —American Suzuki Motor Corporation (ASMC) notches the greatest increase in dealer satisfaction among the 3,000 dealer principles surveyed, according to the recently released J.D. Power and Associates’ Dealer Attitude Survey.

SAN DIEGO, CA. —The third annual Suzuki Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon in San Diego was downright rockin’ with 20,000 elite and amateur runners.

BREA, CA —December sales capped off American Suzuki Motor Corporation’s best year of sales in more than a decade. In 1999, Suzuki sold 49,888 vehicles, a 33 percent increase over 1998 sales. For December, Suzuki sold 4,231 vehicles, a 69 percent increase over December 1998 sales.

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COTTAGE GROVE, MN - We're extremely excited to tell you about Trail Tough's new offering for Suzuki Sidekick, Geo Trackers, and Grand Vitara. What is exciting is not only that Brent and his fine crew in Medford have bridged the gap between the stock gear set and the 4.24:1 low gear set that may be too low for many applications. They have solved one of the fundamental issues that has plagued Suzuki enthusiasts since we started wheeling the Grand Vitara and Xl-7 or at least, began transplanting those engines and transmissions into Samurai and Sidekicks.

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